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My Love for Books

I love that seeing this made someone think of me.  It's true.  Books to me are worlds, universes, gateways to other realms.

The Love You Are Ready To Live

Be a servant to your heart’s inner truth, and your life in turn will bow to you as its Master.  - Richard Bartlett Whatever comes into your life is about the love you are ready to live. Whatever leaves your life is about the love you are ready to live. What never comes into your life is about the love you are ready to live. Everything every which way you turn is demonstrating to you the love you are ready to live. This is all it is ever about. I find the greatest test to our vulnerability really is not in extending love, but in receiving it, in letting it in. Receiving love, letting it all flow in to the center of your being, requires that your walls are down - it requires that you put down all the reasons, justifications, excuses for why you don't deserve, aren't enough, or not ready to be in the space of love. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in the constant awareness of how loved you are in the world, in the Universe, in your life? That's not an a

Marriage of the Dragon

With the Pheonix Together, the dragon and phoenix symbolize Yin and Yang together: perfect balance. Standing alone, each symbol is hugely powerful. Together they represent a power- packed union of success, prosperity, friendship, love, and enlightenment. The union of these two highly symbolic creatures at wedding festivities suggests a match that is blessed with money and incredible luck. Furthermore, it denotes the beginning of a dynastic family with the dragon symbolizing the patriarch and the phoenix signifying the matriarch. Let the fire burn?  :)

Living the Dream in 2013

I repeatedly kept hearing and reading about the usefulness of creating a theme for your year ahead, your life in 2013. Every story book has a theme, every song, every movie - there's always a theme, an overall tone and message. So this is one of those other things that makes sense to do for your own life story - to choose a theme that holds all that will unfold as your life together in 2013. At the same time I was seeing these blogposts and articles on the topic, I saw a brief interview on youtube about what one of my favorite hearts on the planet was casting ahead as his 2013. From the same mouth that gave me "2008 will be great" I heard "living the dream in 2013" - and there it was all wrapped up and delivered. I like it, I thought. I'll take it. I'm in! And then I got to work - mainly just by doodling this theme-mantra on pages and creating a print out that I colored to post on one of the most frequented spots in my home - the refrigerator. Now

Dragon Totem

Being born on a Saturday lands me this incredible zodiac sign (Burmese) and totem. Zodiac animal sign : Dragon Day of Week Born : Saturday Ruling Planet : Saturn Ruling Direction : Southwest Personality/Attributes of the Dragon : You are philosophical and understanding. People are naturally attracted to you because you have an easy confidence about you and you have a great sense of humor. You prefer to work alone because you believe you are the master of your own destiny and do not like depending on others to get the job done. What I love most, is how whatever field of focus I dwell on brings with it gifts that re-affirm and support my intentions.  DRAGON Protection Elemental Magic Powers of Change and Transformation Dragon represents the supernatural, infinity itself and the spiritual powers of change and transformation. It is a fierce protector and adds extra power to any magic you may perform. Fire Dragon Transmutation, Mastery, Energy

Ode to the Illumined Moon

"It's been so long since I've had an actual partner that I don't even know what I would do with that kind of support. Someone to actually talk to, reflect and collaborate with? The idea of even touching on a regular basis sounds a bit like heaven to me, much less kissing and actually making love. And not the kind of Heaven I need someone else to lead me to or show me, but the one I have found deep in my own heart, reflected exponentially when love looks me in the eyes. The hand on my heart that wants to go deeper and deeper still. The hand on my body that sees who I am and is in awe of both of us, that calls up magic we are not even aware of yet, that brings in something I don't even know yet that I need, that receives all that I have to offer, which is more than I can even calculate.  I've polished every hall in this temple, every sacred relic while you've been away. The Wholy Grail lies within. The god is in the goddess. The sacred heart is aflame as i

A Request

Olive Trees Yes Please

The Golden Balance

For at the gates of the Mighty, She hath taken a seat, and at the entrance thereof chanteth Her song: "In the beginning, before the Lord made the Earth When He furnished the Heavens, I was with Him; and when He set apart His throne on the winds When He set to the sea its bound, and the waters passed not the word of His mouth I was harmonizing with Him. I was the one in whom He delighted, and I was daily gladdened by His presence on all occasions."  - Septuagint Awakening into Wholeness is the destiny of every heart. It starts with a spark at the center of your chest and we are ignited into a heart remembrance of sorts. I remember the start back in the fall of 2005, though I know there's no real start to all this, that's how it all appears. The feeling comes on strong, like things have just been snapped in place by a cosmic chemist, the lights all turned on by some celestial electrician, and all the reactions already under-way and all the

A Very Playful 12-12-12

Someone mentioned to me that today begins the 9 day count down to 12-21-12 which in the world of spirituality and consciousness awakening (and cosmology, astronomy etc.) is a significant date. Let's not even mention the numerology at play here. Numbers to me are significant. Everything is energy after all,  and all of it precise and freakishly exact. Now the suggestion was to treat today as the door before the bridge into the once-in-every 26,000 years planetary alignment right along the plane of the entire galaxy. That's a pretty exact and gigantic alignment happening across a vast amount of space. And with planetary alignment always comes some movement of energy. Everything is everything affecting everything so setting your tone, your own unique contribution into the mix here to me makes sense. So I woke up, after waking up in the middle of the night and falling asleep, and just wondered what the perfect tone would be for me. What did I want to  emit into this doorway

Carving Out 2013

When I feel into the year ahead, all I feel is an abundance of LOVE flowing through me and to me from every direction. Oh what a feeling! 2012 was really a year of stepping into my own and a year of many firsts: ~ the first time I ever drove a pallet jack (or even learned what it was),  ~ the first time I worked with plants and felt the power of the energy they hold day after day (holy heavenly bliss of serenity just remembering myself standing in the garden center, alone, with plants, butterflies and the occasional bird) ~ the first time I didn't travel anywhere all year ~ the first time I merchandised and put an abundance of products on display on shelves,  ~ the first time I ever saw what a warehouse full of stock looks like (holy consumerism madness)  ~ the first time I ever broke down crying at work (ever),  ~ the first time I worked in property management,  ~ the first time I ever worked for a computer software company,  ~ the first time I was floored by a gif

Let's Sail Into The Mystic

We were born before the wind Also younger than the sun Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic Hark, now hear the sailors cry Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home And when that fog horn blows I want to hear it I don't have to fear it I want to rock your gypsy soul Just like way back in the days of old Then magnificently we will float into the mystic And when that fog horn blows you know I will be coming home And when thst fog horn whistle blows I got to hear it I don't have to fear it I want to rock your gypsy soul Just like way back in the days of old And together we will float into the mystic - Van Morrison 

Promise Yourself


The company I work for part time just gifted every employee with an iPad. I went into work on Monday only to spend my morning squealing with delight over the gift. The next morning I thanked the owner of the company and just loved how he took gracious joy in our joy. I love working for a company that extends itself in that way - I was already sold on the place over the free weekly lunches offered for employees and the unlimited tea, hot chocolate, and lattes dispenser. It has been such a great month being in an environment like it - and in the time I've been there, there have been two fundraisers for local charities and before I got there the company had donated $20,000 to build schools in Kenya and Haiti. I wish for nothing but unlimited growth for a space that gives back like that, both internally within the organization and externally to the local and global community! Now follow that up with what I picked up from the post office today, and call this entire week a marvellous


What's that thing you most want in the world? What's that thing that's just "too good to be true"? What's that thing that's everything you dream of with everything you have? What's that thing that writes itself into every thought you have? Life gifts you moments and a lifetime that's greater than you can imagine, that contains not only all of the elements that you dream of in the depths of your heart, but so much more too. When you love yourself enough to look at those things and know they're all for you, when you love yourself enough to look at the display and the offering and open yourself up to receive, when you love yourself enough to accept the love inside these things you dream of, you'll see clearly the deep regard with which life is constantly looking at you. There is only total love and absolute adoration waiting to kiss your everything. I dream for every heart to live this.

A Very Loved Heart

A single moment in time can show up to reveal only to your eyes the meaning of how events will align to bring about that thing you've been waiting for. In my literature classes, foreshadowing was taught to only be a literary device employed by authors, writers, people who like to play with words. I imagine, like everything else we bring into our expressions, such a concept was born from direct observation of how life itself hints at things to come through brilliantly poetic moments. Because it does. It's incredible just how every answer is already shown to us, given to us, we just might not be awake enough to understand it when it does. Our destinies are so elegantly engraved in our own hearts and then displayed on the screen space and stage we call waking life. Every detail of the immense love that is ours to breathe and live is already all around us. Our make-belief life, the dreamy "is this really happening to me" life, only feels that way because we've y