Thursday, November 22

Steady. Stable. Strong.

I don't think I ever understood what growth was until I started digging on my self.

So much of the world shows us that growth is the nature of everything. Everything around us grows. It expands. It becomes more intricate, more detailed, more everything. It becomes so fantastic in its variety and unity. And our own beings grow. They grow through stages awkwardly and beautifully, every part of us morphing and remolding itself into form - and all of this I've always been able to see. I never understood it though - I saw it, I accepted it, but I never really understood it. Not until I went within.

The view from the inside of what growth is, is so arresting and so mesmerizing. Watching myself move through fuzzy, wobbly, and unclear states, watching myself go from being unfocused, unsure, uncertain, to this level of clarity and stability...witnessing that involved process of my own self come into focus, I have come to have a tremendous appreciation for all facets of growth.

What must be happening to all the particles that make me up to organize and reorganize themselves in this way, through this change? What must the consciousness of a tree go through as it keeps reaching upward into space?  What's bubbling up behind the curtains of every city and town we walk into for it to be as alive and as developed as it is? These inner workings have my attention now because my own inner workings have revealed to me so much. We are so entranced by the visible that we often play ignorant to the invisible movements that bring all things into view. I can't live on the surface any more. Not when there is so much beauty deep inside all of the processes that make us who we are and that make our world all that it appears to be.

I am so awake to the steadiness, the stability, and the strength of looking at the world from the back-stages of creation. What. A. View.

Thank you Life!

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