Thursday, November 15

Sleeping with Curiosity

Climbing into bed with curiosity still turned on has some really interesting effects.

My dreams have been ultra vivid lately so much so that remembering them causes some serious stirrings inside while walking with my groceries outside in the rain. It a-muses and interests every part of me. That we can feel so much of the Universe inside our own being, this is the incredible thing.

I have learnt that the secret to everything in this play is to make up my mind like I make up my bed everyday. A clean decisive arrangement of my mind and my world is woken up with laughter and amusement at 2 o'clock in the morning. What a ride.

So this was all I had to do? I think this to myself often now. This is it, just this simple flip of a switch inside my own head, this is it? Yep. This is all it will ever take to get you from where you are now to where you've wanted to be for minutes, hours, days, months, years...

What I've noticed is, the only obstacle there ever is, is you. Everything is a layer of smoke you're adding on to the scenes to keep yourself from being curiously whisked away into bliss by Life and the Love inside of it. Life's always in love with you, it never says 'no' to anything you're pulled toward because it's the one pulling you there. When you let go of the bars, when you let go of holding onto the world you're being moved out of, it's a smooth effortless carriage ride into where your heart has already decided to live - into where your heart was born to live.

You spend so many moments watching everything from the outside like a spectator, then from the side, then from the other side, considering every angle but the one inside. The heart knows. You put all sorts of reasons in front of what's had your attention for hours, months, years and convince yourself it's not about you, it's not for you, it has nothing to do with you. And the moment you make up your mind about all of it, the moment you wake your mind up out of it, the moment you see through your own deceptions, you're thrust into the centre of everything you'd been silently watching. Your own heart comes to face you in ways only God can orchestrate.

And you realize, this is it. This was all you ever had to do.

Make up your mind. Say YES fully and with unwavering commitment to whatever's inside your heart. Decisively. Unquestioningly. Then get out of the way and let God, the Universe, Love fill in the details.

This is all you ever have to do.

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