Monday, November 26

My Love for Balloon Heads

As much as I love the telepathic rendez vous this stage affords us and enjoy just how wild it all really is, I'm equally fond of hugs, mouths, hands, skype, love mail, email, texts, instagram love fests and all the ways of communing this physical world has to offer.

My conscious mind gets suspended in moments when those glimmers of unity come through from direction-less spaces. I love the feeling of that broader seeing. I can almost see the conscious part of me, or the left brain in me, float about like a wide eyed tranced-out balloon head. To my left brain the formed world (and so it thinks the "real" world) consists of things it can see with the solid instruments of the body. So when that expanded seeing becomes your perception, it almost wipes out all of the boundaries of your conscious mind, boundaries that usually define the realm of realness you often inhabit.

Perception is so malleable. The moment you expand out of the bubble of physicality you just see so much more. And this seeing is an incredible seeing. It sees whole events, it can take them all in, and present them to your senses which if are relaxed enough can see that whole picture, before that whole picture is completed by the sequence of events that are meant to make it.

Where the conscious mind comes in to make the experience digestible in an incredible way is in the physical details. No matter how well you've perceived the big picture, there's no accounting for the beauty of living it bit by bit, bite by bite, word by word, touch by touch.

I am totally fond of the whole spectrum of experience this whole dream life thing offers me. Every level of it is delicious beyond explainable degree.

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