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Laugh. Giggle. Wow.


I squeaked, clapped, and squealed today when I noticed what universe I had stepped into as of late...or rather realized what universe I had always been in. The recognition was so vividly awesome that it filled me with spontaneous fits of giggles and cackles throughout the day. Even the people I met with today were filled with giggles after only moments of conversation allowing me to conclude that even my contained inner giggling was contagious. Bonus!

I love this. I really really really love this.

I often see things before they happen. I've probably written about this before. Somewhere along the way, must be between taking up meditation and diving deeper into the rabbit hole of our holographic world-scapading (*non-word* alert), my third eye opened wide, and I started experiencing vivid scenes of things not yet seen. After the first few instances, I started recognizing the prophetic montages that would download into my seeing as I emerge from sleep. It was always on the verge of waking up that they'd preoccupy my inner lens and parade through my awareness, showcasing some event or sequence of events that would later make itself known in my three-dimensional experience. Knowing things before they happen is normal now.

I don't always know the details of what it is I'm looking at though, and I don't know the how or when, just the theme of this what. But I know the feel and I know the general theme. And days would roll on, or months, or in some cases years. And then the montage I had witnessed in my heart-mind's eye would begin to display itself before my waking eyes. And I'd know it. I'd look at it going...hey I know you, I've met you, I've seen you, I've lived you in another dimension.

And it's spectacular when it happens. Every time something I'd seen in a vision materializes itself into form, I'm floored. How I see it in that other dimension is different, the energy and the shapes are there, but it's like looking at mists rather than the hard solid stuff of waking experiences  And then when I live it in waking experience, the solidity of it, the hardness of it, the color of it, it always astounds me.

The only conclusion experiences like these bring you to is this: you've been here all along, it's all been here all along.


Anonymous said…
I like this :)

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