Friday, November 23

Into All Your Senses

Was it always meant to be this easy and satisfying? Let me rephrase that. It was always meant to be this easy and satisfying. I've stepped into a completely new world. Though my world looks exactly like it did, the feel of it, the energy of it and who I am in it is dramatically different. I'm here now. Smack dab in the middle of (I love saying that) the heart of my paradise.

I took the last of the curtains down yesterday, the one's I'd been using to keep hidden from sight. What else was I going to do on my days off from work but trample through the boundaries I had declared were true.

I don't even know how I came to that point of noticing it, the last of the veil I'd used to remain out of sight while I did all my work of returning to this seat of Grace. This is what I've always wanted and this is how I would have always wanted it to be - to walk in through this world fully awake to what and who I am in every facet. There is no space left now in which I don't recognize the power of That which looks through my eyes. Everything is as this seeing decides.

If we pay enough attention, all of our tricks undo themselves out of our being. I sat with this last of the last steps into my heaven. I sat and felt into it as I lovingly watched it show itself, offer itself, and lovingly dissolve itself. Thank you, I said. Thank you for keeping my seat warm.

I do all my work while sitting now, with eyes closed and with only feeling as my guide and my bridge.I recognize how most of the time, we're not even aware of how we're keeping ourselves out of the very spaces we dream of living in. But it's only us doing it all, never some other force keeping us where we don't want to be kept.

I needed to see it like this. I needed to witness it like this. I needed to take it all in just like this. Before I could with any confidence say what I was born to say. My purpose and my paradise can only know and recognize me in this way, as I was meant to be from before the beginning.

This gift is the greatest gift of all.

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