Friday, November 30

I live on an Island

Fact: I often forget that I live on an island.

It's when someone asks me if I have any travel plans that I remember this fact. I haven't had any big travel adventures since I've been here. Vancouver Island is its own world. I have the ocean. I have ancient forests.  And living in Victoria, I have the city life. It has everything I like and love in coastal living, the serene quietness I so often crave and the bustle of a small city that I enjoy, so I haven't felt the need to venture off very far. Seattle is the farthest I've gone in the past few years and that was just by ferry/bus. I've yet to step into Victoria International Airport but living on an island, there's usually an extra few hours added to your travel plans.

I also have my dog and at the thought of leaving her with anyone I seem to create a good deal of anxiety in myself. It'd be a good idea to get a handle on that since my passport is renewed now and the Universe is showing me suitcases left right and centre.

And I still get the questions from friends and family I haven't seen in almost three years. Are you coming home to visit any time soon? Are you going anywhere? Do you have travel plans this year?

I'm really content with where my feet have landed right now that I've yet to go very far. I'm here. Grounded. Happy. And good. If anything, my answers now often are: well, you can totally come out here and visit me!

That's not to say I'm not up for the adventure of travel and new scenes, the opportunity to fill my senses with new smells and sounds, it's more that I'm not chasing adventure like I used to. Adventure is all around me in so many small and unbelievably magnificent ways. It's just a delicious life all around that leaves me feeling so effortlessly connected to everything, to everywhere, and to everyone.

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