Sunday, November 18

I Am Inside Out

I question my self constantly. I'm a little neurotic about the whole thing. My motivations, my angle of view, my position in the vastness of this ocean of consciousness - I question all of it with immense pleasure. Mostly out of the observation that a big part of the world still lives from the outside in. Meaning, the apparent outside of circumstance and condition is made to be the decider of our moods, our place, our fates. Really? Is that so? For much too many folks, it is.

It's weird to watch around you when you've so committed yourself to the inner asylum of self awareness. The fact that I can change and modify my location inside myself, and intuit things, feel the hidden waves and undercurrents of what's happening in the inter-web of all life, by simply having this internalized location tells me pretty matter-of-factly just how much of an intimate presence we each are to the field of all things living. And that alone to me has become the essence of freedom. There's this unconditional setting free of my being in the recognition that the relativity of where I am and who I am in the grand life stage is guided by something completely internal. 

And it's this awareness, it is this relationship to my awareness that has so vividly revealed to me how life always moves from the inside out. It does, everything about me, everything about life is coming into view from a hidden world. You can be so tuned in to see and witness directly how the creative energy of the universe moves through you and out into the world while appearing to be moving you inside of it. Everything about life moves from the hidden to the visible, from the unknown to the known, from the inside to the outside. And you can be awake enough to see this movement in action. Nothing is out of the blue. Nothing. I not only see this now, I feel it and watch myself in the movement of it, and rejoice in the living of it.

So I often come back to questioning everything to dig through an apparent manifestation and into the hidden current that's pushed itself out as that manifestation. Not just with my experiences but with the experiences of those around me, friends and clients alike. And since the cause is always an invisible one, I always find what I'm looking for, the creative string and invisible pathway of the movement. This is what gives you leverage over the known world, that you have access to the unknown hidden creative sectors of creation.

You can plop yourself down on any point of the manifestation string. If you're on the outer end, you'll think manifestations matter, that appearances have meaning, and you let yourself get pushed around by the temporary shadows of hidden currents. To you located at that point, the world is where the power is, and you are at the mercy of the props on the cosmic stage. If you're on the inner end, you'll know that it's you that matters. It's you that carries the meaning, that is the meaning. And you know that it's how you organize yourself in these inner hidden spheres of life that ultimately sets into motion the pictures that display themselves on the spatial screen of your waking world. To you located at this point, the world is your reflection and nothing more. In one form you are outside in, in the other, you are inside out.

It's such an extraordinary design this whole field of awareness thing.

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