Monday, November 19

How You've Suited Me Well

I sit in a dimly lit room looking for the words that will tell you everything. I want to tell you everything. I want to tell you all that I’ve uncovered in these dream pages we call our life. I want to tell you the treasures and delights of this stage we've been trampling on for days on end. And our feet have still yet to tire. I have danced with you through lifetimes before this. I will have loved you into worlds after this. 

And my words they trip and fumble as they make their way out, willing only to let themselves fall ungracefully at your feet. 

I want to lay myself at your feet. 

I'm grateful for how far we've come. I'm grateful for how deep we've journeyed. I'm grateful for all that's fallen away as we fell and rose in the furnace of this divine loving. It didn't burn. It only made us yearn for more. Burning in Love is our only way now. 

I thought I had to wait to tell you, I couldn't wait to tell you, until I realized it was you telling me all of this through my own fingertips. 

So this is where we are now. You as me, me as you, us as either and neither. Everything makes sense now. Everything is us now. Everywhere and no where we turn only to meet each other. There's no telling what love intends to do through us. But look what it's done to us. It's melded and fused every joint and every opening until all we know and all we could know is one thing. That we are love. That we are one. That we are born again and again into each other and formed from each other. 

I went looking for you having forgotten I was already expressing you. And in that moment I realized you've been expressing me all along too. 

And this all suits me just fine. 

Mrs. October 05

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