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How We're Blessed

I just have to look at my life to see clearly the amazing synchronisitic flow of events that continuously presents itself. All of our moments are made with love, literally put together by this hidden power that blesses us with itself.

Whatever step I take, I seem to always be met with this graceful orchestration of circumstance to carry me into whatever direction I've chosen to go, whatever experience I've chosen to have. I recognize it only when I take a step back though. I recognize it only when I pause, take a breath, and look with awakened eyes. Moments are moments, they are beads strung together around the neck of a creative beautiful wonder I will only call God.

When I decided to move out to the west coast over three years ago, it was a step in the dark. I knew I wanted to be near the water. I knew I wanted to break out of the complacent binds I had created for myself. I knew I wanted west. Pacific ocean. Milder weather. Different. I had no idea what it would entail or what would unfold. I had no plan or purpose outlined, no job lined up, nothing. Then it all happened. Someone I knew at a distance had a room to rent on the island. I got picked up by her in her daughters truck, we tossed all my things into the back, and I spent some amazing moments on a farm, with horses and lamas, chopping firewood and hanging out with bails of hay. My dog and I were in spacious heaven. It wasn't what I envisioned. And yet it was beyond my expectation in terms of the beauty and blessings it brought into my world. Experiences I would have never had were it not for that step came into my world, and I was changed. I ended up finding a job, where I met and made some good ties.

One of these ties would end up being my ride to work everyday for the next year. Saved me hundreds of dollars in transportation costs. Blessing. The other's would end up not only helping me move into my new apartment in the city and later down to where I am now, but would provide me with gifts only my heart can understand.

I've never had to strain or strive. I'm awake to how unnecessary the game of struggle is in the way our moments are capable of assembling themselves. Again though, I only realize this when I take a step back and watch the bridge of incidents that have moved me into my chosen destinations  Every step of the way, where ever I have gone, whatever direction I've taken, whatever environment I've stepped into, support, comfort, and love have always show up. It's a necessity to reflect on this, to reflect on this ever continuous thread of love that's present in my moments, in your moments.

Because it's then that I feel the constant hand of God the most. And it's then that I realize that no matter where my attention is cast now, no matter what my next step is, no matter what experiences I've chosen to invite into my world, that hand will meet and carry me into all of them. Because it always has. And I see it so clearly and repeatedly in all that I have lived to date.

This Love is all that moves us, meets us, and lives us. I know it's like this for all beings. I know this is how events unfold, that there is this hand of grace moving us all through our chosen paths and into the experiences that will fill us in ways we never expected or anticipated.

It's a blessings to wake yourself up to the recognition frequently.


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