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I live on an Island

Fact: I often forget that I live on an island.

It's when someone asks me if I have any travel plans that I remember this fact. I haven't had any big travel adventures since I've been here. Vancouver Island is its own world. I have the ocean. I have ancient forests.  And living in Victoria, I have the city life. It has everything I like and love in coastal living, the serene quietness I so often crave and the bustle of a small city that I enjoy, so I haven't felt the need to venture off very far. Seattle is the farthest I've gone in the past few years and that was just by ferry/bus. I've yet to step into Victoria International Airport but living on an island, there's usually an extra few hours added to your travel plans.

I also have my dog and at the thought of leaving her with anyone I seem to create a good deal of anxiety in myself. It'd be a good idea to get a handle on that since my passport is renewed now and the Universe is showing me suitcases le…

Dolphin Plus Kitty

You Brighten Me

I'm blogging like everyday. Someone seems to be demanding that I do so through the ethers and I gratefully oblige half giggling and half cross-eyed and a little be-wilder-ed at the way this magick lays itself all out. After the love flows out and the words are laid, I sit and I stare and I tell myself this is going to have to be my last entry for the week. This is just much to much running to my computer to dump out the words that start to swirl when the feeling comes like a flood through my heart. I can't lie and say I don't enjoy every moment of it.

And then the next day rolls around and the words are back with another stream, another story, another bubbling up of goodness that just has to flow out onto the screen. And it has to be a blog my heart insists 'cause the pages upon pages I send to recycling just won't do for the type of recording this energy demands. And so I blog.

What do you know in your heart for sure?

That feeling right there, that's where all…

My Love for Balloon Heads

As much as I love the telepathic rendez vous this stage affords us and enjoy just how wild it all really is, I'm equally fond of hugs, mouths, hands, skype, love mail, email, texts, instagram love fests and all the ways of communing this physical world has to offer.

My conscious mind gets suspended in moments when those glimmers of unity come through from direction-less spaces. I love the feeling of that broader seeing. I can almost see the conscious part of me, or the left brain in me, float about like a wide eyed tranced-out balloon head. To my left brain the formed world (and so it thinks the "real" world) consists of things it can see with the solid instruments of the body. So when that expanded seeing becomes your perception, it almost wipes out all of the boundaries of your conscious mind, boundaries that usually define the realm of realness you often inhabit.

Perception is so malleable. The moment you expand out of the bubble of physicality you just see so much …

Naturally Beautiful

I'm in love with these series of photos: Colors of Harar Ethiopia

Here You Come, I Hear You Come

I was noticing today how a lot of my "change my world completely" shifts happen around this time of year.

It was November 25 when I left Toronto after dropping out of a Masters program (and ran away to southern California for two weeks).
It was September 30 when I packed things up in Ottawa and moved to the west coast.
It was December when I moved into my own apartment for the first time.

There is something about this season that gets me to complete some stage and move into a new one. And I think it's useful to notice what the cycles of your own being are.

I was awakened early this morning by a warmth that came over me. It felt like another shift. It was like climbing into a warm bath but from the inside of my being and it left me feeling slightly different but in a good way. And if what I've been noticing of late is any indication, I am grateful for this warmth and all that it is carrying into my world.

This life is the flow of such beautiful dreams.

The Rise

this is a true beginning
of a world never before seen
so let your breath go
and let it in
feel the rise
deep in your being
I am rising
deep in your being

you've knocked on the door
and have seen it closed
you've looked for windows
and lived through the echoes
now you've come again
and everything is left open
for you to move on in
for you to rise within

let your breath go
let your arms fall
let yourself rise, like never before
this is the part
you keep yourself standing tall
this is the part, you take it all

this is where we start
a thousand miles
but never apart
a million pictures
of all one heart
this is how we start

Into All Your Senses

Was it always meant to be this easy and satisfying? Let me rephrase that. It was always meant to be this easy and satisfying. I've stepped into a completely new world. Though my world looks exactly like it did, the feel of it, the energy of it and who I am in it is dramatically different. I'm here now. Smack dab in the middle of (I love saying that) the heart of my paradise.

I took the last of the curtains down yesterday, the one's I'd been using to keep hidden from sight. What else was I going to do on my days off from work but trample through the boundaries I had declared were true.

I don't even know how I came to that point of noticing it, the last of the veil I'd used to remain out of sight while I did all my work of returning to this seat of Grace. This is what I've always wanted and this is how I would have always wanted it to be - to walk in through this world fully awake to what and who I am in every facet. There is no space left now in which I don&…

Steady. Stable. Strong.

I don't think I ever understood what growth was until I started digging on my self.

So much of the world shows us that growth is the nature of everything. Everything around us grows. It expands. It becomes more intricate, more detailed, more everything. It becomes so fantastic in its variety and unity. And our own beings grow. They grow through stages awkwardly and beautifully, every part of us morphing and remolding itself into form - and all of this I've always been able to see. I never understood it though - I saw it, I accepted it, but I never really understood it. Not until I went within.

The view from the inside of what growth is, is so arresting and so mesmerizing. Watching myself move through fuzzy, wobbly, and unclear states, watching myself go from being unfocused, unsure, uncertain, to this level of clarity and stability...witnessing that involved process of my own self come into focus, I have come to have a tremendous appreciation for all facets of growth.

What mus…

How You've Suited Me Well

I sit in a dimly lit room looking for the words that will tell you everything. I want to tell you everything. I want to tell you all that I’ve uncovered in these dream pages we call our life. I want to tell you the treasures and delights of this stage we've been trampling on for days on end. And our feet have still yet to tire. I have danced with you through lifetimes before this. I will have loved you into worlds after this. 

And my words they trip and fumble as they make their way out, willing only to let themselves fall ungracefully at your feet. 

I want to lay myself at your feet. 

I'm grateful for how far we've come. I'm grateful for how deep we've journeyed. I'm grateful for all that's fallen away as we fell and rose in the furnace of this divine loving. It didn't burn. It only made us yearn for more. Burning in Love is our only way now. 

I thought I had to wait to tell you, I couldn't wait to tell you, until I realized it was you telling me all o…

I Am Inside Out

I question my self constantly. I'm a little neurotic about the whole thing. My motivations, my angle of view, my position in the vastness of this ocean of consciousness - I question all of it with immense pleasure. Mostly out of the observation that a big part of the world still lives from the outside in. Meaning, the apparent outside of circumstance and condition is made to be the decider of our moods, our place, our fates. Really? Is that so? For much too many folks, it is.

It's weird to watch around you when you've so committed yourself to the inner asylum of self awareness. The fact that I can change and modify my location inside myself, and intuit things, feel the hidden waves and undercurrents of what's happening in the inter-web of all life, by simply having this internalized location tells me pretty matter-of-factly just how much of an intimate presence we each are to the field of all things living. And that alone to me has become the essence of freedom. There…

Laugh. Giggle. Wow.

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I squeaked, clapped, and squealed today when I noticed what universe I had stepped into as of late...or rather realized what universe I had always been in. The recognition was so vividly awesome that it filled me with spontaneous fits of giggles and cackles throughout the day. Even the people I met with today were filled with giggles after only moments of conversation allowing me to conclude that even my contained inner giggling was contagious. Bonus!

I love this. I really really really love this.

I often see things before they happen. I've probably written about this before. Somewhere along the way, must be between taking up meditation and diving deeper into the rabbit hole of our holographic world-scapading (*non-word* alert), my third eye opened wide, and I started experiencing vivid scenes of things not yet seen. After the first few instances, I started recognizing the prophetic montages that would download into my seeing as I emerge from sleep. It was …

It Is So

Sleeping with Curiosity

Climbing into bed with curiosity still turned on has some really interesting effects.

My dreams have been ultra vivid lately so much so that remembering them causes some serious stirrings inside while walking with my groceries outside in the rain. It a-muses and interests every part of me. That we can feel so much of the Universe inside our own being, this is the incredible thing.

I have learnt that the secret to everything in this play is to make up my mind like I make up my bed everyday. A clean decisive arrangement of my mind and my world is woken up with laughter and amusement at 2 o'clock in the morning. What a ride.

So this was all I had to do? I think this to myself often now. This is it, just this simple flip of a switch inside my own head, this is it? Yep. This is all it will ever take to get you from where you are now to where you've wanted to be for minutes, hours, days, months, years...

What I've noticed is, the only obstacle there ever is, is you. Everything …


If you're not going around using superhero catch phrases throughout your day, then I just don't know what you're doing with your life (yes inspector gadget counts)
seriously. get it together.

Whispers in the Night Sky

I wondered what to call you in this letter, and the name Naveed presented itself, it means the bearer of good news and good wishes. How fitting since that's what you are.

I dreamt of whispers in the night that told stories of how I came to be. Fashioned out of heavenly things and lighted by the spark of celestial stars, I travelled from further than the highest of your dreams to get to you.

And while you're asleep I tell you this in a language only you will understand:
I'm not made for you. 
I'm made from you.

How We're Blessed

I just have to look at my life to see clearly the amazing synchronisitic flow of events that continuously presents itself. All of our moments are made with love, literally put together by this hidden power that blesses us with itself.

Whatever step I take, I seem to always be met with this graceful orchestration of circumstance to carry me into whatever direction I've chosen to go, whatever experience I've chosen to have. I recognize it only when I take a step back though. I recognize it only when I pause, take a breath, and look with awakened eyes. Moments are moments, they are beads strung together around the neck of a creative beautiful wonder I will only call God.

When I decided to move out to the west coast over three years ago, it was a step in the dark. I knew I wanted to be near the water. I knew I wanted to break out of the complacent binds I had created for myself. I knew I wanted west. Pacific ocean. Milder weather. Different. I had no idea what it would entail or w…

This is what a leader looks like...

I'd like to think I've been blessed to have been amongst people who were amazing leaders in the various organizations and companies I've worked in. I've also had the opportunity to witness the opposite, the toxic dissonant type of leader that disperses and puts people into negative emotional rhythms, that literally brings the energy down.

The success of any endeavor  and the growth potential of any system,  is strongly influenced by the effect those in the position of leadership have on those being led.

To me, this is one of the best examples of leadership I've seen to date!

Fluffy Kittens Are the Answer to Everything

Forward to what?

"Forward to what" is a really great question, one everyone has to ask. We each have to begin to contemplate the answer to that question. We can't put the vision of and for the future we're an intricate part of in the hands of one individual. That's careless. Do we elect leaders to be the solitary holders of the fate of our country, our world? That seems irresponsible. The part of every citizen of any country is constantly active whether we're aware of it or not. Our inaction and our action is contribution, but our action or inaction isn't just in voting. Must we vote? Absolutely. Is our jobs as citizens done once we've cast our vote, once we've ticked off a little box? Never. We have to engage every part of ourselves in the process of change. So Forward to what? We each have to answer that individually. What kind of state do you want to live in? What kind of country do you want to live in? What kind of world do you want to live in? What do you wa…

All you have to do is feel, feel, feel

Do you remember when I told you to stop looking for tokens of love outside of yourself? You smiled knowing you were doing that exact thing as you searched my eyes for answers. You are your own answer, and when you know that, you'll find what you're looking for in my eyes. 

I wrap myself up in this indescribable feeling that comes from knowing every ending.

Every ending is love.
Every beginning is desire.
And every desire is for more love.

It's this infinite loop of love and loving that grows itself, that deepens itself, that folds into itself.

This is what we are.

All you have to do is feel it all...inside.