Friday, October 12

You’ve Never Been here, You’ve Always Been Here

intentionally, I differentiate between...
and Here.

here, is where you've never been. here is the ever new kaleidoscope of phenomena in which we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of. SPLAT. it's all around us. seemingly familiar, seemingly known. and yet it isn't either. this moment is unrepeatable. a changeling mingling dance of infinite possibilities collapsing in and out of view just for you. there are as many dimensions to it as you can allow yourself to awaken to. think in terms of infinity and you' haven't even begun to touch upon the possibilities for newness and unimaginable-ness that it carries within it. as many new ways of living it as you can and can't imagine, it holds it all alive before you. you've never been here before and you'll never be here again. its uniqueness blinks on and off and makes way for its own fast evolving vibrancy to come alive again. here, it is the dance of ever changing light.

and the other Here is where you always are. the best seat before the grand universal movie screen of waking life. no yesterday. no tomorrow. no today. the only Space is Here. the only Point is Now. it is the seat of Creation that gives you the most incredible view of how nothing has ever happened, and how it is all ever the constant fabrication of your own beautiful mind.

sameness is an illusion
continuity is an illusion
familiarity is woven by the stories in our own mind

we are forever dangling on the edge of the unknown, and it's when we're awake to that, that we allow ourselves to be creative doors, opening to let in the untouched magnificence of infinite depths and of infinite heights.

in light of that awareness we go, as guru buzz lightyear says, to infinity and beyond!

the end!

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