Monday, October 15

The Best Happens Every Moment!

This is what I'm awake to right now - every moment of being alive has within it so much JUICE that it no longer makes sense for me to believe that "the best is yet to come". What nonsense! The best is already here. The best is already a living reality right here and now.

It's in everything. It's remarkable and inescapable in its beauty, the dawning of an inner sun ten thousand times brighter than the one peaking through my windows right now. Apparent circumstances and conditions veil this, and we, entranced by temporary things forget. Remember. Forget.

The best, if you can let yourself feel it, is what's in you right now. It's in the energy that you are. It's in the consciousness that you are. It's in the living, breathing, creative force with a pulse that you are. THIS is the best. All of what follows as manifestation, all of what follows as condition and circumstance  is ONLY a reflection of THIS that you are. Wake yourself up to that. Stop waiting for some temporary appearance to tell you that "the best is happening" and move yourself into the realization, into the feeling, that THIS being you thing that the whole entire Universe is doing, IS the best thing to ever happen. Where ever you are, there the BEST is already happening.

We have so many time-based cliche's that skew the reality of full on immediate blissful fulfillment. We are Here right Now. There's no waiting. There's no prolonging. There is being awake, open, and being in feeling right now. And all of the aliveness of the Universe, all of the vibrancy of creation, all of the billions of years of evolution and expansion, all of the power of galaxies and stars, courses through us making us quite a magickal spectacle of light and wonder. What happens when you awaken yourself to that? You stop waiting for something to happen, you stop living in your time-based mind, and start living inside the best happening ever. You. In this immediate alive moment. You.

How do we ever succumb to beliefs that diminish the astonishing reality of being here right now? How do we push off this living realization in favor of hoping to feel this over fleeting future manifestations?

Let's stop that. Let's Be Here Now. Awake and alive to being this movement of life. Let's FORGET about temporary things. Let's let go of letting manifestations dictate our sense of fulfillment and declare: I Am fulfilled here and now, for I am here, existing, living, taking in the wonder of being what life is doing. I Am!

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