Monday, October 8

Sunrise Romance

I think there are many moments that come through that are meant to be just for you. Like an intimate secret shared between two lovers, you and life, whispers of love, arranging themselves as special sparkling moments.

The best way to honor them for me, is to keep quiet, to just let them be, to admire them, take them in, and let them live secretly inside of me feeding me all sorts of delicious feelings for which there are no words.

It's like when a lover buys you a gift, it's just for you, for your eyes, for your heart, for you and only you - it's between the two of you, a private exchange, like a look only the two of you understand. Life does this with you in so many of your moments.

That's what these moments are. Keep quiet about them. Let them nourish you secretly, deeply, as they bring to flower new worlds inside of you.

We talk too much. We spill the energy in excitement and eagerness, and we don't let ourselves just sit in it, marinate in it, bask and swim in it, letting ourselves remain in the embrace of this secret communication, this deep communion that comes through.

We must do that more, for everything deepens us when we simply let ourselves live in its presence. To talk about the details of this eternal embrace that comes through and to simply let yourself live in its presence bring about completely different experiences. One keeps us on the surface while the other let's us reach deep into spaces we've never touched before.

I love this life. For reasons I'll never write or speak of, for reasons and moments I feel so deep in my being more often now, I love all of it. The greatest romance you can come to live is with the whole of life itself.

Words cannot express things; 
Speech does not convey the spirit. 
Swayed by words, one is lost; 
Blocked by phrases, one is bewildered. 
 - Mumon

Less talking, more being and living in the Great Feeling.

Yours in the Romance,

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