Saturday, October 27

Stop Talking

Too many mouths are preoccupied with the mind and not with the spaciousness of their own essence. Of all the things to let live on your tongue, you choose all the flavors that create havoc in your own being. Stop that.

You do much more through the world when you are that you that you are beyond the stories of your waking experience. Stripped, bare, and naked of all your personal narratives you are a focused force of nature. Truly. You are a vastness that can't be spoken of, a presence that can't be conveyed in words, you are an unfathomable power beyond the reach of symbols and sounds.

A mind congested with stories goes on and on about the things that were, the things that weren't, and the things that will never be. It's ceaseless in its travels, unrelenting in its constant motion as it carries on the mythology of a hallucination that is experiencing things other than itself.

To delude yourself that there is anything other than the majesty of your own being happening here is to miss out on the greatest feast of the cosmos.

Like cloaks, we wear our stories veiling the essence that brings it all to light. We are that essence, the light, the animator. Yet we forget ourselves through this subtle self-deception of "the things that have happened to me so far". Who's "me"? Look.

Stillness is the only point that will show you the true Reality upon which you cast fantastic shadows born of the outer fringes of your very self. You clap and you clamor,  you squeal and you spiral, riding the only roller coaster ride contained in your own mind.

You can't enjoy a good movie if you don't know that's what it is. You can't direct a great production if you forget to see the play for what it is. Stop losing yourself in the story so you can actually enjoy it, direct it, ingest it, and consume it for the sheer pleasure of IT ALL being your own creative foreplay with the vastness of your Self.

You are everything. And everything is playing the exact and precise part you have given to it.

Own it.
Love it.
Forget about it.

Be Here.

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