Monday, October 1

Infinite Reach

I will speak to you through many voices and touch you through many hands, and with each one you will know and recognize Me.

The most practical understanding in the world to me is the spiritual one. Events arise and events fall. Circumstances form and dissolve. Through it all there you stand, existing, aware, knowing, being. This is always the point of return into Grace, getting back to your self, your being, your pure awareness of being here right now.

To let yourself be moved by appearances into forgetting the power of your very presence is to fall prey to the illusions your senses offer you. Circumstances don't matter. Attention turned outward fools you into thinking that things can happen outside of you. But they don't. Nothing happens "out there" for all that arises in the apparently external world is a shadow cast by the rich spaces of consciousness you occupy. Attention turned inward reveals to you that everything happens through you and by you, and all of it is contained within you.

In the certainty of your spirituality, you come to touch your world through many hands and speak to it through many voices. Your reach when you are at one with life and your Self, is infinite, and that is the Grace of your knowing your Self as the power that you are. You are only ever spoken to by the echoes of your own being, only ever touched by the hands that are your own. Life is you, and you are life, that is the whole dance from beginning to beginning.

Creatively Yours,

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