Wednesday, October 31

A life of perks

I'm pretty sure this is how life is supposed to unfold, with perks and benefits filling your every moment. Everywhere I look lately, I'm being handed comfort, if not luxury. Everything is aligning not just to support and provide nurture, but to shower me with it every step of the way.

It's like life is constantly saying, "relax, put your feet up, I got this. I got your back."

I smile and allow it more often now. I thank it and acknowledge it.

Comfort. Luxury. Ease. Flow. These are the innate perks of being.

Life naturally comes with full benefits if we open ourselves up to experiencing it in that way.

Tuesday, October 30

The Day Sky ~ Hafiz

 Let us be like 
 Two falling stars in the day sky. 

 Let no one know of our sublime beauty 
 As we hold hands with God 
 And burn 

 Into a sacred existence that defies 
- That surpasses 

 Every description of ecstasy 
 And love.

Sunday, October 28

best halloween costume idea

the easiest and best halloween costume idea i've come up with = treasure map.

just put an x anywhere on your body with lines leading to it. and you're good to go. :)

you can get as adventures with this as you like!

Saturday, October 27

We're Not Done Yet

The evolution of the human, as I see it, is really about transcending the bounds of identity, identification with the body, and expressing in the world as the creative consciousness of the universe. In this way, you are not ruled by the conditions and circumstances of your world, of your entry way into form. You are not confined by the boundaries of a seemingly separate single identity. Rather you rule your world from within, from the space of wholeness, from the ever expanded spaces of an all-inclusive consciousness that can only be reached inside the realms of awareness, of being aware. Mastering matter rather than apparently being confined by it. Having loosed the psychological attachment to form, you are free to direct the creative course of any lifetime, designing, molding, and unfolding new patterns of life through the technology of being human. You become the edge of the universe that's pushing itself further forward into new creativity. You become a doorway to a greater intelligence beyond what the confines of self-hood allow. You knowingly express the Allness of the Whole.

- Kidest AUM

Stop Talking

Too many mouths are preoccupied with the mind and not with the spaciousness of their own essence. Of all the things to let live on your tongue, you choose all the flavors that create havoc in your own being. Stop that.

You do much more through the world when you are that you that you are beyond the stories of your waking experience. Stripped, bare, and naked of all your personal narratives you are a focused force of nature. Truly. You are a vastness that can't be spoken of, a presence that can't be conveyed in words, you are an unfathomable power beyond the reach of symbols and sounds.

A mind congested with stories goes on and on about the things that were, the things that weren't, and the things that will never be. It's ceaseless in its travels, unrelenting in its constant motion as it carries on the mythology of a hallucination that is experiencing things other than itself.

To delude yourself that there is anything other than the majesty of your own being happening here is to miss out on the greatest feast of the cosmos.

Like cloaks, we wear our stories veiling the essence that brings it all to light. We are that essence, the light, the animator. Yet we forget ourselves through this subtle self-deception of "the things that have happened to me so far". Who's "me"? Look.

Stillness is the only point that will show you the true Reality upon which you cast fantastic shadows born of the outer fringes of your very self. You clap and you clamor,  you squeal and you spiral, riding the only roller coaster ride contained in your own mind.

You can't enjoy a good movie if you don't know that's what it is. You can't direct a great production if you forget to see the play for what it is. Stop losing yourself in the story so you can actually enjoy it, direct it, ingest it, and consume it for the sheer pleasure of IT ALL being your own creative foreplay with the vastness of your Self.

You are everything. And everything is playing the exact and precise part you have given to it.

Own it.
Love it.
Forget about it.

Be Here.

Tuesday, October 23

To take one whole heart home

“A thousand half-loves 
must be forsaken 
to take one whole heart home.” 
- Rumi

Sunday, October 21

Thoughts I have in the shower

Of course we all come from God. It's all that ever sources our every moment and our very existence. If you want to understand the mysteries of the universe, just go look in the mirror, into your own eyes. Suspend all concepts and definitions you hold and look at what it is that's doing the looking.
Question:  where did you come from?
Answer: God

The shower head = a mental microphone.

Saturday, October 20

Malleable Reality

"We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up to now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future."
- Max Planck

Thursday, October 18


“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.”
-Terence McKenna

Monday, October 15

The Best Happens Every Moment!

This is what I'm awake to right now - every moment of being alive has within it so much JUICE that it no longer makes sense for me to believe that "the best is yet to come". What nonsense! The best is already here. The best is already a living reality right here and now.

It's in everything. It's remarkable and inescapable in its beauty, the dawning of an inner sun ten thousand times brighter than the one peaking through my windows right now. Apparent circumstances and conditions veil this, and we, entranced by temporary things forget. Remember. Forget.

The best, if you can let yourself feel it, is what's in you right now. It's in the energy that you are. It's in the consciousness that you are. It's in the living, breathing, creative force with a pulse that you are. THIS is the best. All of what follows as manifestation, all of what follows as condition and circumstance  is ONLY a reflection of THIS that you are. Wake yourself up to that. Stop waiting for some temporary appearance to tell you that "the best is happening" and move yourself into the realization, into the feeling, that THIS being you thing that the whole entire Universe is doing, IS the best thing to ever happen. Where ever you are, there the BEST is already happening.

We have so many time-based cliche's that skew the reality of full on immediate blissful fulfillment. We are Here right Now. There's no waiting. There's no prolonging. There is being awake, open, and being in feeling right now. And all of the aliveness of the Universe, all of the vibrancy of creation, all of the billions of years of evolution and expansion, all of the power of galaxies and stars, courses through us making us quite a magickal spectacle of light and wonder. What happens when you awaken yourself to that? You stop waiting for something to happen, you stop living in your time-based mind, and start living inside the best happening ever. You. In this immediate alive moment. You.

How do we ever succumb to beliefs that diminish the astonishing reality of being here right now? How do we push off this living realization in favor of hoping to feel this over fleeting future manifestations?

Let's stop that. Let's Be Here Now. Awake and alive to being this movement of life. Let's FORGET about temporary things. Let's let go of letting manifestations dictate our sense of fulfillment and declare: I Am fulfilled here and now, for I am here, existing, living, taking in the wonder of being what life is doing. I Am!

Sunday, October 14

"Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun"

The sky
Is a suspended blue ocean. 
The stars are the fish 
That swim.
The planets are the white whales 
I sometimes hitch a ride on, 
And the sun and all light 
Have forever fused themselves 
Into my heart and upon
My skin. 
There is only one rule 
On this 
Wild Playground, 
For every sign 
Hafiz has ever seen 
Reads the same. 
 They all say, 
 "Have fun, my dear; my dear, have fun, 
 In the Beloved's Divine Game, 
 O, in the Beloved's 
Wonderful Game."

~ Hafiz

Saturday, October 13

In Her Eyes

Cosmic miracles...this is all I know to see ~

"don't allow the one's before
to make you lose sight
past is past
leave it all behind
you've just been given a chance
for tomorrow
you just saw an angel
fall from the skies
in her eyes you see the morning
and you know there's no ignoring
her now..."

Friday, October 12

You’ve Never Been here, You’ve Always Been Here

intentionally, I differentiate between...
and Here.

here, is where you've never been. here is the ever new kaleidoscope of phenomena in which we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of. SPLAT. it's all around us. seemingly familiar, seemingly known. and yet it isn't either. this moment is unrepeatable. a changeling mingling dance of infinite possibilities collapsing in and out of view just for you. there are as many dimensions to it as you can allow yourself to awaken to. think in terms of infinity and you' haven't even begun to touch upon the possibilities for newness and unimaginable-ness that it carries within it. as many new ways of living it as you can and can't imagine, it holds it all alive before you. you've never been here before and you'll never be here again. its uniqueness blinks on and off and makes way for its own fast evolving vibrancy to come alive again. here, it is the dance of ever changing light.

and the other Here is where you always are. the best seat before the grand universal movie screen of waking life. no yesterday. no tomorrow. no today. the only Space is Here. the only Point is Now. it is the seat of Creation that gives you the most incredible view of how nothing has ever happened, and how it is all ever the constant fabrication of your own beautiful mind.

sameness is an illusion
continuity is an illusion
familiarity is woven by the stories in our own mind

we are forever dangling on the edge of the unknown, and it's when we're awake to that, that we allow ourselves to be creative doors, opening to let in the untouched magnificence of infinite depths and of infinite heights.

in light of that awareness we go, as guru buzz lightyear says, to infinity and beyond!

the end!

Tuesday, October 9

Land At Home

Every last thread
is shred
Every last bind
Free to fly
into your rightful home
You glide over your world
seemingly on your own
Awake to the knowledge
you've never been
You use both wings
And land at home
Using both wings
You are at home

Monday, October 8

Sunrise Romance

I think there are many moments that come through that are meant to be just for you. Like an intimate secret shared between two lovers, you and life, whispers of love, arranging themselves as special sparkling moments.

The best way to honor them for me, is to keep quiet, to just let them be, to admire them, take them in, and let them live secretly inside of me feeding me all sorts of delicious feelings for which there are no words.

It's like when a lover buys you a gift, it's just for you, for your eyes, for your heart, for you and only you - it's between the two of you, a private exchange, like a look only the two of you understand. Life does this with you in so many of your moments.

That's what these moments are. Keep quiet about them. Let them nourish you secretly, deeply, as they bring to flower new worlds inside of you.

We talk too much. We spill the energy in excitement and eagerness, and we don't let ourselves just sit in it, marinate in it, bask and swim in it, letting ourselves remain in the embrace of this secret communication, this deep communion that comes through.

We must do that more, for everything deepens us when we simply let ourselves live in its presence. To talk about the details of this eternal embrace that comes through and to simply let yourself live in its presence bring about completely different experiences. One keeps us on the surface while the other let's us reach deep into spaces we've never touched before.

I love this life. For reasons I'll never write or speak of, for reasons and moments I feel so deep in my being more often now, I love all of it. The greatest romance you can come to live is with the whole of life itself.

Words cannot express things; 
Speech does not convey the spirit. 
Swayed by words, one is lost; 
Blocked by phrases, one is bewildered. 
 - Mumon

Less talking, more being and living in the Great Feeling.

Yours in the Romance,

Sunday, October 7

All Along

May the Long Time Sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light
within you
Guide your way on
Guide your way on

May the Long Time Sun
Shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light
within you
Guide your way on
Guide your way on
~ Snatam Kaur

Monday, October 1

Infinite Reach

I will speak to you through many voices and touch you through many hands, and with each one you will know and recognize Me.

The most practical understanding in the world to me is the spiritual one. Events arise and events fall. Circumstances form and dissolve. Through it all there you stand, existing, aware, knowing, being. This is always the point of return into Grace, getting back to your self, your being, your pure awareness of being here right now.

To let yourself be moved by appearances into forgetting the power of your very presence is to fall prey to the illusions your senses offer you. Circumstances don't matter. Attention turned outward fools you into thinking that things can happen outside of you. But they don't. Nothing happens "out there" for all that arises in the apparently external world is a shadow cast by the rich spaces of consciousness you occupy. Attention turned inward reveals to you that everything happens through you and by you, and all of it is contained within you.

In the certainty of your spirituality, you come to touch your world through many hands and speak to it through many voices. Your reach when you are at one with life and your Self, is infinite, and that is the Grace of your knowing your Self as the power that you are. You are only ever spoken to by the echoes of your own being, only ever touched by the hands that are your own. Life is you, and you are life, that is the whole dance from beginning to beginning.

Creatively Yours,

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