Friday, September 7

Lovely Lovely Humans

An evening FULL of new meetings and I'm left with a very smiley open heart.

My day started on a restful note. No rushing to get out of bed at 5am. I slept in...until 6am. Then up I went to get my usual errands done on my day off. Working 50 hours each week hasn't felt like working 50 hours, but it's that little feeling of having extra time to do things that I really enjoy on mornings to myself.

Then I got my passport picture taken only to be met with easy moments and laughter and jokes about my wings showing up on the picture...and it's only now when I look back at the day that I see this amazing connected-ness with everyone around me trickling into every picture perfect moment.

And this just continued on.

I love it when complete strangers re-awaken me to the beauty that is a human being. Smiles, and lighted eyes, and laughter, and hand shakes, and total openness, and just connecting in the moment - I love the whole thing!

I am so grateful for what it is that makes my world like this.

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