Monday, September 24

Growing Green Goodies

Growing food has become my favorite pastime.

It's the coolest thing to see something I've planted grow and spread and get bigger delicious. Last year I tried tomatoes, basil, and lettuce. This year I opted for herbs, peppers, thai basil, strawberries, and tomatoes again with a few other plants on my balcony (I actually also have some pretty cute plants indoors that so far are happy to be in my home). I think for the weather and amount of space I have out here I'm going to forgo planting tomatoes and peppers again and just stick to the herbs next year, but it's still an amazing experience to see veggies come into being right in front of my eyes.

I spent the summer playing in a garden center/greenhouse. It was such an amazing experience and I got to learn so much about planting plants and caring for plants - everything from evergreen and fruit trees to the kind of plants and flowers you'd use to make the front and back of your house a feast for the eyes.

My world totally opened up that I'd walk down the street and know what plant I was looking at. I'd never before considered just the amount of plant species that are spread across this planet, and really I've barely scratched the surface of knowledge in being able to identify even a fraction of them, but it's still so neat to have this basic recognition of the common plants around.

There's still so much to explore in this world!!!

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