Sunday, August 19

This Will Be Really Easy

Almost no one ever says “it will be really easy.” - Mike Dooley

I noticed that this was true for a lot of people. When it comes to change, when it comes to desired experiences, when it comes to growth, we have this dominant model that says "it's going to be hard, it's going to be a lot of work, it's going to be difficult, it will take time, it will take a lot of energy and effort". Not many people are out there saying growth will be really easy, fulfillment will be really easy, change will be really easy, happiness will be really easy, dreams coming true will be really easy, everything about life will be really easy.

We diminish and discount the flow of life, the effortless intelligent flow, in favor of a model of struggle, obstacles, hick-ups, and strain. We choose that. We let one make more sense in our mind than the other. We let one be more real and valid and likely in our own mind than the other. The common thread being, it's what we're making up only in our own mind. Why not change and challenge that tendency to lean toward struggle? Why not challenge our own preference for strain and tension filled transitions into growth, change, new experiences, and everything else we desire?

I've come to notice in my own experience just how effortless things actually are, how easily, REALLY easily desired moments can come into form. If you favor ease and convenience, flow and effortlessness, then your moments assemble themselves in that format. It's as if the whole entire Universe is constantly breathing and blowing the perfect circumstances toward you, and that if you just relax and grab a model that allows you to self-organize in a way that you can receive this effortless flow and ride along on its current, things just get...way more astonishingly brilliant. EASILY.

The way it all works, isn't anything that can be explained to the three-dimensional mind. Never mind trying to believe this or trying to know this. Choose it. Choose EASY. Choose EFFORT FREE. Choose FLOW. This is something that has to be lived with your whole entire being. So how about it? Do you want it to be really easy? Because it can be, every detail of every moment can be magnificently EASY.

It's always been about what you're making up in your own mind.

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Marcymaharshi said...

Wonderful way of thinking and living. Thank you for this great article dear kidest om! I'm on the easy way welcoming the perfect circumstances that are blown towards me. Just as this article. Encouraging me! Greetings from the bottom of my heart! Marcymaharshi

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