Wednesday, August 29

Through the Cracks

Ever feel like sometimes the things that show up are there to peel off whatever encrusted walls are around your glowing heart...kind of like cracking and peeling the shell off of a boiled egg...

I can see the work so clearly. The light that breaks through. The warmth that bubbles up at the center of your chest. All of it.

So Clearly.

Tuesday, August 28

SAY YES To All Of It!

Life is more than capable of organizing around you in a way that you feel abundantly blessed in all avenues - and I mean ALL avenues. You only have to be willing for that to happen. In your thoughts, in your focus, in your commitment to doubt and distrust of life you cheat yourself from living the magic that swirls as this world. Know that ANYTHING is ABSOLUTELY possible, then open your arms, your heart, and your mind. You are loved in the most extraordinary way and through the most extraordinary of forces, the very forces of life. Breathe that into every cell and sit with it. Allow. Receive. Say YES to whatever is in your heart.

Sunday, August 19

This Will Be Really Easy

Almost no one ever says “it will be really easy.” - Mike Dooley

I noticed that this was true for a lot of people. When it comes to change, when it comes to desired experiences, when it comes to growth, we have this dominant model that says "it's going to be hard, it's going to be a lot of work, it's going to be difficult, it will take time, it will take a lot of energy and effort". Not many people are out there saying growth will be really easy, fulfillment will be really easy, change will be really easy, happiness will be really easy, dreams coming true will be really easy, everything about life will be really easy.

We diminish and discount the flow of life, the effortless intelligent flow, in favor of a model of struggle, obstacles, hick-ups, and strain. We choose that. We let one make more sense in our mind than the other. We let one be more real and valid and likely in our own mind than the other. The common thread being, it's what we're making up only in our own mind. Why not change and challenge that tendency to lean toward struggle? Why not challenge our own preference for strain and tension filled transitions into growth, change, new experiences, and everything else we desire?

I've come to notice in my own experience just how effortless things actually are, how easily, REALLY easily desired moments can come into form. If you favor ease and convenience, flow and effortlessness, then your moments assemble themselves in that format. It's as if the whole entire Universe is constantly breathing and blowing the perfect circumstances toward you, and that if you just relax and grab a model that allows you to self-organize in a way that you can receive this effortless flow and ride along on its current, things just get...way more astonishingly brilliant. EASILY.

The way it all works, isn't anything that can be explained to the three-dimensional mind. Never mind trying to believe this or trying to know this. Choose it. Choose EASY. Choose EFFORT FREE. Choose FLOW. This is something that has to be lived with your whole entire being. So how about it? Do you want it to be really easy? Because it can be, every detail of every moment can be magnificently EASY.

It's always been about what you're making up in your own mind.

Saturday, August 18

SunRa MoonMa

I want reality to blow my imagination out of the water.

Oh's already doing that.

How often I say to myself "I never imagined it this way" is proof that what I dream and what is dreaming me is much like what the sun does to the moon and what the moon does to the sun.

And even then, I haven't quite captured the dance in these words.

Let's not even talk about the magnificent space that holds it all together.

Saturday, August 11

How to Impress :)

How to Impress a Woman:
Wine her, Dine her, Call her,
Hug her, Hold her, Surprise her,
Compliment her, Smile at her,
Laugh with her, Cry with her,
Cuddle with her, Shop with her,
Give her jewelry, Buy her flowers,
Hold her hand, Write love letters to her,
Go to the end of the earth and back for her.

 How to Impress a Man
Show up naked.
Bring beer.

Friday, August 10

Ooo Ahh Wow

I got one of these at the book store. And BOY is it ever the best little invention since... chocolate?!

First it just tingles like crazy and then it just gets really good. A little head massage a day keeps all the grumpies away! 


Thursday, August 9

Parallel Plans

Not so very long ago, I was walking across the bridge I cross every morning when I noticed a remote control laying on the railing.

I talk and write a lot about shifting realities, moving through parallel worlds, and letting yourself easily slip into a different version of you at your choosing. I subscribe to the concept that the world doesn't change, because there is actually no world apart from the you that is experiencing it. If things appear to change, it is because you have changed the version of your self you look through. A new you and a new world are the same event. 

The way I see only really ever experience yourself. Not metaphorically. Literally. I notice this playing out constantly. The moment my attention goes into some specific direction, things start to bubble up, synchronicities come, events collide-and-scope to form a sequence that makes the "new" insertion believable to my conscious mind. I feel like I've often got this expanded view, where I get to watch my own consciousness weave itself into an external world that I then get to participate in physically.

I most often welcome models that introduce and require a kind of flexibility of consciousness. I rule nothing out and I never settle on a premise that only says "this is the way things are" - I'll always add "for right now". I include everything as a possibility. Even if I see it as an outdated archaic practice, it's still allowed. 

I find that this perspective let's me take in more...let's me consider and allow more information to come through. And really it's just a more fun model of the world(s) to play with than anything else I've come far.

So, I mark everything that catches my attention as a sign-post coming into view. There has never been a clearer one to me to date than that one with the bridge and the remote and everything else that followed.

This is fun.

Things I absolutely love right now:
 the green tea soy latte i just made
the flax seed milk I found at the grocery store
the daily google olympic doodle
fifty shades of what now
the magick that is my own mind

Wednesday, August 8

What Are We Made Of?

I don't know how long it has been since I've had days to myself. I'm on my first real stint of vacation days - 9 days of not having to get up for any particular reason than my actually wanting to. It's nice. As much as I like being busy, having 8 balls in the air to play with, and running on this gliding magic carpet ride as the days roll on, it's really really really nice to get a beat to just be, indefinitely, without having to stop to go back to the humdrum of everyday living.

Someone raise the roof!

This is probably my first real update in a really long time. 2012 is nearing an end already (4 more months) and I have to say it has been a year of full on full blast awakening for me. I think up until this year, my ideas of myself and the world had really been naive. Even in all my wisdom and knowing and the distances I've traveled within, I think I still had a shade of pink tint on my looking glass. In a good way, in a way that guaranteed that I'd get to this point of being awake to everything with no illusions about all the illusions and still feeling like, WOW this life is such an amazing brilliant playground to get to stomp around in.

Something I wrote to my girlfriends recently: I think one of my growth points has been allowing myself to feel it ALL, without succumbing to the belief that awakening and Knowing means never having to feel "bad" again. I think to really know life, we have to be open to know all of it. I feel like I'm really alive now for being able to fearlessly feel the full spectrum of being in a body and knowing all is well in that spectrum. All of life is mine, from the maddening madness to the beauty that makes you speechless, it's all mine to take joy in. We take joy in our joy, that's the easy part of knowing our power. I feel like it's when you can take joy in the pain here too...not joy hurrah, but the joy that comes up from deeply accepting the resistance aroudn us and within us.

I found myself reiterating this point again to another friend last night. For whatever reason, I think spirituality, awakening, self-knowing and self-realization end up becoming about escaping pain for a lot of people, of blocking out the inevitable heartache of the dramas that surround us in all direction. It becomes a tool to go numb to the extreme depths within us. Our capacity to feel joy is celebrated and our capacity to feel pain is shunned. But it's not only our heights that need to be sought out, it's our depths also. We have to be flexible enough to transcend the height of our selves and reach into the depths as well, be willing to go into the sky and the well of our being.

Exclusivity of any kind will always close us off to the richness of life. Life is a force - it is a force for good and bad, neither and either, because it doesn't know one from the other. When we become that way with ourselves, willing to shine the light on the full circle of our being, the light and the dark, the weightless and the heavy, only then do we really know what we're made of, and only then do we really become spacious enough for everything else here. To make a difference in this playground, you have to be like the space that's here allowing everything to be, like this moment.

You won't know what you're made of until you let all of it come to the surface, until you let all of it be seen by you and know it's all okay, until you become willing to go everywhere in your being fearlessly...and ferociously.

Sunday, August 5

Baby Smiles as Meditation

You know when you're having a frazzled day and something pops up in your face to get you to slow down, get back to earth, and just remem...