Saturday, April 14

Actioning Solutions

One of the most ineffective behaviors in humans is the tendency to sit around and (incessantly) talk about "the problem." One too many people ruminate on events that have come and gone seconds, minutes, hours ago, countless frames ago.

Problems are in the eye of the beholder - meaning, if there appears to be a problem, it exists simply because of the thoughts, interpretations, reactions, and conversations being built around whatever meaningless events are arising. Look at the meaninglessness of the events before you and in their charge-less form, they are the benign shadows of a fast moving reel.

Problems are manufactured in the mind, live in the mind, and are upheld in the mind. All that you live, is always all that you are choosing to be - the images and mental narratives you generate, rehearse, and express moment after moment.

In a state of neutrality, there are no problems. In a state of total awareness of the immediate present moment, there are no problems. When you are Here Now, out of the mental narrative, out of the personal story of things happening to a someone, there are no problems.

For as long as you are playing in the realm of duality however, problems arise and within their arising, this  realization has to dawn. You are a part of whatever "problem" you are observing - there is no separation between what is being observed and the observer doing the observing. You are constantly creating and shaping the atmosphere of your experience. The problem is as it is, because you are being as you are.

And in that state of there being an apparent external happening, the solution is simple: stop talking about the problem and start being a part of the solution. "It" changes when you, the active participant in the story, change. "It" becomes a different pattern when you change the pattern of self that you are being. How it appears and feels will always be your own responsibility as you are the only one in charge of the internal dialogues you generate about whatever is in your view. It's YOUR view.

How are you a co-participant of whatever "problem" is showing up - how are you contributing to the unwanted pattern in your thoughts, in your attitude, in your actions, in the way you show up?

The moment you start noticing there is a "problem" is the very moment you can start action-ing the solution. You can either perpetuate the pattern, or you can be a part of its dissolution. It's entirely up to you.

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