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I don't think there's anything more beautiful than your heart getting to witness and be present to the full opening of another heart. I wonder if flowers watch each other bloom with this same kind of wonder and gratitude, with this same kind of love and adoration for the steps toward growth and full expression they take together. Ah. Today, you're wonderful ~

Actioning Solutions

One of the most ineffective behaviors in humans is the tendency to sit around and (incessantly) talk about "the problem." One too many people ruminate on events that have come and gone seconds, minutes, hours ago, countless frames ago.

Problems are in the eye of the beholder - meaning, if there appears to be a problem, it exists simply because of the thoughts, interpretations, reactions, and conversations being built around whatever meaningless events are arising. Look at the meaninglessness of the events before you and in their charge-less form, they are the benign shadows of a fast moving reel.

Problems are manufactured in the mind, live in the mind, and are upheld in the mind. All that you live, is always all that you are choosing to be - the images and mental narratives you generate, rehearse, and express moment after moment.

In a state of neutrality, there are no problems. In a state of total awareness of the immediate present moment, there are no problems. When you ar…