Friday, March 2

Out in the Open

I kind of love the way it all makes sense when you just take a step back and look at everything one more time. Suddenly, it's like life has been whispering everything you needed to know to you since the very beginning.

And yet, it's only when you're really ready to receive what you've been asking for, when you've released all of your resistance to it, that the whole picture becomes clear to you. go in your mind as the very pieces you've been blocking out so the picture remained incomplete suddenly reveal themselves.

Words only reveal what's already been out in the open the whole entire time. Every answer is already in plain sight.

Turns out, sometimes you don't even need to say what you think you need to say...because you've been saying it all since the very beginning.

I love this life, and I love even more the way the loving is echoed back to me in a thousand and one different forms ~

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