Saturday, March 10

I See You

I forget just how much I see and take in about everything and everyone around me until someone reveals something they want me to know, and I've already known it for some time either because of a dream or an insight or this inner thought-less knowing that just bubbles up when I look at them.

I don't see the usefulness of terms like clairvoyance and precognition anymore. Nor do I see the usefulness in believing that verbal disclosure is the way human beings get to know one another. From what I notice, we are constantly disclosing who we are through every thought that radiates outward, through every physical posture we hold, through every gaze we meet or avoid, through our every pore. We are an endless stream of bits and bites that is constantly communicating where we are, who we are, and where we are going.

There are no hidden motives or movements in consciousness. Everything is out in the open. Life is total transparency. It is the illusion of fragmentation and divided-ness that creates the filter that you have to try and make effort to be known, to be seen.

When you've learned to observe your own inner atmosphere, when you've gone inward to look at whatever self you are being, from that seat of observer-ship, the rest of the universe shows up naked - you see and read the movements of everything around you like an ancient seer who now holds the secret to all universes. Patterns show up and you know what they are communicating. Synchronicity rises and you know what it's pointing to. Information bubbles up within you seemingly out of the blue, and you know something that's about to happen in your world or to someone in your world. This is all normal when you recognize that you are having your being in a unified ocean of consciousness.

Everything is already known, your knowing that just depends on how much you open up and expand your consciousness.

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