Monday, February 20

This Blog is About You

There's something about the way humans take in information that creates the impression that everything coming in, is ultimately about you.

You probably think this song is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you...

Well, yes. It's in your very make up to personalize the impersonal. Everyone has a self filter - a "me" orientation that is the sift through which all information flows inward. And so, no matter the topic, no matter the discussion, no matter the nature of what's appearing, you are by design set-up to think it's about you. Your mind makes someone else's behavior, about you. It makes someone else's tone about you. It makes someone else's words, about you. That self filter always comes in and makes you ask and asserts: is this about me? This is about me.

I grow in fascination over this tendency - the more I look at HOW we organize and filter information, how we re-construct realities out of bits of data and organize them through a process of personalization, the more I find myself in a state of total fascination over our bio-computing.

Because when you look at it, if nothing that appears was personal, if it all appeared and felt impersonal to you, then you have nothing to plug into emotionally, mentally, physically. Neutrality doesn't involve a you, it doesn't generate a separate self to react, process, and participate in the appearance. In neutrality, or impersonality, in that state in which nothing has anything to do with you, there is no charge or excitation in consciousness - you are left in a state of rest.

Activity requires the personalization of information, because it's only then that a self arises that can interpret, assimilate, react, and create energetic motion in the story telling of that generated self.

Like I said...this fascinates me to no end!

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