Monday, February 6

Detours of the Grand Designer

I was beginning to feel like I took a detour, driving down another road instead of taking the straight and direct path to my destination. I could see my own wishy washy indecision in the moments that presented themselves. Which path? Which ending? Which step? What to choose?

The decision is solely mine - for I've come to the recognition that there can be no one else and there can be nothing else deciding for me. Any notion of a separate external decider takes the responsibility and ownership away from my own being.

I'm looking at scenes of rich feelings and colorful forms, enjoying the side road I never thought I'd end up on. And then I swerve back onto the road I was always going to be on, feeling the feelings, seeing the pictures in my minds eye, knowing with my whole being that THIS is my destination...and I think to myself: how have I not noticed the change in direction? How have I not taken notice of how different a scenery that other road offered?

And then I realize it. In the end, all roads are lined with the richness of life. No matter the path, all hearts have the same flutter when our eye's lock and heaven presents itself in our mutual gazing. To reach one is to reach many. To touch one is to touch many. And ultimately, it's about the quality you bring to the game, no matter how big or small your chosen stage. Whether you can contain a million hearts inside your own, or have room only for a select special few, the question is one and the same: are you loving fully?

So it turns out, there really are no detours. Only more opportunities to see and take in all the colors of love, to grow into the branches of your full being so you are in your full costume when the curtains open.


You are a grand designer ~

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