Saturday, February 25

Heart Mates

Have I told you about one of my heart-mate theories?

I see the heart as a giant puzzle piece we all have pieces of - we all have single pieces of this giant universal heart puzzle as our own individual heart, and when we come together and we meet people whose heart clicks perfectly into place with our own, we feel really seen, heard, connected, and at home. click click click. hellow heart-mates! The end.

Monday, February 20

This Blog is About You

There's something about the way humans take in information that creates the impression that everything coming in, is ultimately about you.

You probably think this song is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you...

Well, yes. It's in your very make up to personalize the impersonal. Everyone has a self filter - a "me" orientation that is the sift through which all information flows inward. And so, no matter the topic, no matter the discussion, no matter the nature of what's appearing, you are by design set-up to think it's about you. Your mind makes someone else's behavior, about you. It makes someone else's tone about you. It makes someone else's words, about you. That self filter always comes in and makes you ask and asserts: is this about me? This is about me.

I grow in fascination over this tendency - the more I look at HOW we organize and filter information, how we re-construct realities out of bits of data and organize them through a process of personalization, the more I find myself in a state of total fascination over our bio-computing.

Because when you look at it, if nothing that appears was personal, if it all appeared and felt impersonal to you, then you have nothing to plug into emotionally, mentally, physically. Neutrality doesn't involve a you, it doesn't generate a separate self to react, process, and participate in the appearance. In neutrality, or impersonality, in that state in which nothing has anything to do with you, there is no charge or excitation in consciousness - you are left in a state of rest.

Activity requires the personalization of information, because it's only then that a self arises that can interpret, assimilate, react, and create energetic motion in the story telling of that generated self.

Like I said...this fascinates me to no end!

Sunday, February 12

I Am that You Are, You Are That I Am

It's like one painting that has a thousand different stories being told all within it. We tend to believe that an art piece is showing one main message through one representation of that message.

Life is a little like that - only the one message and the representation of that one message are being told through a thousand and one different stories. We're under the illusion that we are living separate lives, recanting separate stories of a me, myself, and single I.

Only we're not.

The seeming single I is a pattern writing itself through countless seemingly independent systems. There is no you or I, there is only that appearance...a silhouette whatever it is that is being human casts for its mischievous pleasure. This is no clearer to me than when I am physically next to an apparent other. Some how our sphere's of being begin to mingle, I feel us merge as our seemingly separate bubbles of beingness flirt and wave and suddenly, there's no longer a him or her over there. There is only this seeing happening, this being, that has no end or beginning.

In those moments, I know that I know that I know...that I Am that You Are, and You Are That I Am.

Monday, February 6

Detours of the Grand Designer

I was beginning to feel like I took a detour, driving down another road instead of taking the straight and direct path to my destination. I could see my own wishy washy indecision in the moments that presented themselves. Which path? Which ending? Which step? What to choose?

The decision is solely mine - for I've come to the recognition that there can be no one else and there can be nothing else deciding for me. Any notion of a separate external decider takes the responsibility and ownership away from my own being.

I'm looking at scenes of rich feelings and colorful forms, enjoying the side road I never thought I'd end up on. And then I swerve back onto the road I was always going to be on, feeling the feelings, seeing the pictures in my minds eye, knowing with my whole being that THIS is my destination...and I think to myself: how have I not noticed the change in direction? How have I not taken notice of how different a scenery that other road offered?

And then I realize it. In the end, all roads are lined with the richness of life. No matter the path, all hearts have the same flutter when our eye's lock and heaven presents itself in our mutual gazing. To reach one is to reach many. To touch one is to touch many. And ultimately, it's about the quality you bring to the game, no matter how big or small your chosen stage. Whether you can contain a million hearts inside your own, or have room only for a select special few, the question is one and the same: are you loving fully?

So it turns out, there really are no detours. Only more opportunities to see and take in all the colors of love, to grow into the branches of your full being so you are in your full costume when the curtains open.


You are a grand designer ~

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