Tuesday, January 3

breaking through

one of the things i keep noticing is how growth is inevitable if you're engaged in any kind of self observation. we're constantly breaking on to new ground when we engage in consciously exploring the spheres of our own being. growth requires that you look at who you are being and how you are being, that you observe and study it. this looking inward, this ongoing observation of the self that you take yourself to be, seems to be the fuel and nourishment you need to break through the layers of the old and move into a newer version of yourself. self observation through the light of awareness is the sun, the water, and the soil.

it's incredible. to literally bare witness to the inner changes and transformations. to watch as your mind changes, as you become aware of some sub-vocal dialogue that had been running in your being for who knows how long, to see as some way of looking at the world disintegrates before your eyes. it's as if you get to peak into what it's like when your cells die and replenish themselves. you get to watch your old self dissolve and bring into being something you haven't been before.

becoming more aware is allowing yourself to experience a constant state of rebirth, where you cease being in the illusion  that you are the same you that you were just a moment ago. and it's that awareness that gives you the freedom to accelerate your own transformation to heights inconceivable to your ever changing mind.

it's not only that change is the only constant in the world of form, it's that this change is rapid and absolute. and that is something anyone who practices looking inward can leverage.

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