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What's fascinating to me is watching a powerless story perpetuate itself as an exact replica of someone else's powerless story. It's amazing how quick the mind is to relinquish its own creative ownership in favor of being the victim to one's own life. If it feels like you are the victim to someone else's actions, it is because right now in this moment, that is how you are creating yourself in your own mind.

For as long as you don't question the validity of the very story you are allowing to take shape inside of you and putting out into the world, let alone picking up and adapting from someone else, for as long as you don't ask yourself "is that how I want to create myself" in what you continually make up as a situation that happened to you rather than through you, you will not find and connect to the threading of grace that is hidden in whatever unfolded.You will not have grown in that dimension of being. You will not have seen the power you had …


'The master doesn't think about manifesting things, the master is beyond all of that. The master lives in this moment alone and through her ultimate trust knows that whatever she needs is provided. She has learned how to trust life and her powerful intuition. She walks calmly and all surrounding her feel her powerful presence. Anything she needs comes to her.'

breaking through

one of the things i keep noticing is how growth is inevitable if you're engaged in any kind of self observation. we're constantly breaking on to new ground when we engage in consciously exploring the spheres of our own being. growth requires that you look at who you are being and how you are being, that you observe and study it. this looking inward, this ongoing observation of the self that you take yourself to be, seems to be the fuel and nourishment you need to break through the layers of the old and move into a newer version of yourself. self observation through the light of awareness is the sun, the water, and the soil.

it's incredible. to literally bare witness to the inner changes and transformations. to watch as your mind changes, as you become aware of some sub-vocal dialogue that had been running in your being for who knows how long, to see as some way of looking at the world disintegrates before your eyes. it's as if you get to peak into what it's like w…