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The Dawning of New Minds

Days away from it being the year two thousand and twelve and I'm thinking to myself...or I should say still thinking to myself HOW IS THIS ALL HAPPENING? Life is an absolute and wonderful mystery, and we're getting to play and tap dance on the frills of its twirling skirt. Lost in the details of our every day human moments, we forget the vastness that is unfolding in and as us right now - the whole expanse of the cosmos, the whole expanse of multiple timelines, the whole field of unending unknown realities carry on, and here we are, reading a blog, stirring a mug of hot apple cider, or chatting about that lady who did x, y, and z the other day. What we let ourselves contain in awareness and what we're CAPABLE of containing in our awareness amazes me to no end. Every time I sit to contemplate something, the narrowness of our everyday conversational content makes itself known. We favor the small details and make them important - we make small thinking important and ove

What is not love?

The best tester for how stabilized you are in your perspective of love is change - what is your default response to change, to new information? When defenselessness, transparency, and the steady recognition that there is no event, no appearance that is love-less, that there is no space where love is not...become your first nature, that is when you know that you have moved yourself out of the illusion of separation. It's an ongoing exploration of where you are holding your self in relation to that unified tension-less state. Love is on all sides of the equation.