Sunday, November 6

Trippin On This Fantastic Voyage

I drove up island on Thursday to give a talk on creativity followed by a one day workshop on Saturday. It was incredible to be in that space. I've been a speaker in smaller environments, and with being on the radio for a few  years have grown comfortable just letting it flow. But there's something more when it's a live audience. The eye contact, the way they adjust and shift in response to what I say, the way they register and interact with the information flowing out of me is INCREDIBLE to witness. The more I grow, the more humans fascinate me.

One of the participants at the end said: "thank you for that thorough scrubbing"


The whole trip was indescribable. The organizers offered their basement suite for me to stay in. It was a two bedroom suite bigger than the house I live in right now, which had its own entrance so I came and went as I pleased. Every part of this trip was lined with the ease and fluidity of the talk and the workshop. Everything was JUST better than that JUST right feeling.

I feel so blessed to be where I am, to be what I am, to just be.

I'm settling back into my home space now feeling the flow of it all, feeling the magick of it all, feeling blissed out on the blessings that continue to unfold themselves into my world.

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