Saturday, November 12

I Am Sovereignty

A most liberating sense to hold within yourself is one that says: I will never conform to your definitions and expectations of how I ought to be in the world.

You can never be confined to the limits of someone else's mind, or your own for that matter.  You cannot be captured by the mind. You can be perceived by the single heart, you can be clearly seen through the eyes of love, but there is nothing that can contain the totality of who and what you are.And there in rests your freedom to be your self, all of your Self in any given instant.

It's one of our most interesting patterns - we want people to fit nicely and neatly in the boxes we've created in our own mind for them. We make our approval of them mean more than their own self approval.It's safer that way. It's safer, they're safer if they are put in the box of the known, the familiar. We're conditioned to remain blind to the Unknowable nature of the life that organizes itself into all that is seen.

In your self recognition, you'll clearly see how it rings true that: I'm not your ideas of me - your ideas of me are solely about you.

In our inter-relatedness we forget how much of an independent authority we have over our own spontaneous being. We are our own rulers, the sole authors of how we individually show up in the world. But we've been trained to believe that the approval, validation, and expectation we need to conform to are those of the outside world, those of the "others" around us - we're taught that it's safer to conform, it's better for our survival and integration into the social context to shrink ourselves to the definitions and expectations written out for us elsewhere.

People short-circuit when you clearly and boldly stand outside their ideas of you. And yet to remain in your authenticity, you have to be uncontrollable, indefinable, un-graspable by not only the mind of other's but by your own also. You have to allow your being the freedom to extend itself in whatever direction your inner impulses choose.You have to live in the freedom of both your stability and changeability.

Never overlook the magick of your being. Give yourself permission to Be your self UN-apologetically.

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Cilla Moun~ said...

Magnificent!!! This is one of the most clarifying and refreshing expressions I am blessed to read and feel...Thank You Kidest Om.

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