Thursday, October 13

Let's make everyone FEEL this Love

If there's one thing I know, it's that more so than being thought about, talked about, or believed in, it's the love that is felt that invites hearts into opening.

This is so clear to me.

I notice that when I'm feeling love, the way people move around me is very different - it's like we're all dancing, doing the waltz together, we move and we look and we gesture in ways as though there is a silent song in the background guiding our flow --- it's amazing when you notice it and are amidst of it.

Love, when it is being felt, seems to extend itself out from your own heart and directly touch the heart of those around you.

I love all the ways love transforms, rewrites, and recodes this world.

All that we know about one another is secondary to all that we really are to one another.

~ Love ~

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