Monday, October 31


Sometimes it's like you have to poke holes in yourself to let out the pent up steam - the tension that's been bubbling unnoticed underneath your skin. Why don't we notice these reactions in the moment? Why do we put off releasing tension until it's already changed us in irreversible ways?

I find that any place where I don't have the space to really be honest, to authentically be whatever version of my self I happen to be in the moment, to say what I need to say and to say what I won't say, is a place I outgrow. Meaning if I can't grow and expand in that space, in that relationship, I grow out of it. I think it's like that for most - communication is a way to grow together and the absence of it is a way to grow apart. Either way you can't help but grow, the outcome being growth that unites you with another or growth that takes you away from another.

What nourishes and deepens all relationships, regardless of their form, is real communication. It's only when you say what you won't and have the space to do so, that you create that bridge into real authentic communion.Communication is really the unification of universes - your world and the world of those in your life. We all see differently. We all interpret differently. We all experience differently. That difference is only bridged when we open up and say "this is what I see" and "this is how I see this" and when we allow other's to have the freedom to do the same.

"Hold Space" is one of my favorite expressions - it just means simply be there and allow those in your life to express - to let out the steam in an unconditional space. No judgment. No reaction. No withdrawing or pulling back. Simply holding that space of neutral observation while they unfold the knots within themselves. We all have steam. We all have things we let brew and bubble within us. And the best gift relationships afford us is that they have the potential to be such powerful temples of full on healing - release, relief, rejuvenation.

Commune. Come-unify. Comm-unification.

Whatever way you look at it, communication will make or break the relationships you have in your life.

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