Thursday, September 8

You've Made Me Whole

you bring to life
old forgotten songs
inside my own mind
and into my heart
you roll
forcing the light in your eyes
to shine on the cracks
I've hidden inside
and now you've made me

you stretch my bones
to hold more love
than i've ever held
before my eyes met yours
and lit the fire
i willingly burn in
now that i'm yours

there is no space
you've left unignited
there's no corner inside of me
in which you're uninvited
breathe me
consume me
wear me out
until all there is left of me
is you and only you

you bring to life
everything i am
inside your mind
and into your heart
i climb
letting the light in your eyes
burn through the walls
i used to hide
and now you've made me

- Kidest 2011

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