Saturday, September 24


A red basket of fixtures in a corner and I'm "seeing red" = angry, fuming, rage, heated emotion...

Follow that up with mention of the base chakra (color red) from someone, blue phase light vs. red light convo, and a red shirt gifted to me while I'm wearing a red shirt all in the same 24 hour period and I think...notice what you notice.


So what's here?

A thrust of massive energy to be tapped into...fuel for the fire...symbolic ignite-r.

It's never about what it appears to be about. Be expanded enough in your view to see the common thread weaving your scenes together. Read your moments like a story book...from a birds eye view.

In this thread there is an invitation, an invitation to accept the power of the fire, the power of the flames and to let my creative forces become unleashed, fully, completely, wholly.

To let the inner dragon out - for on its wings are the magick of alchemy and in its breath rest the power of fire.


It's the color of initiation...of being ignited into a new dimension within Being.

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