Saturday, September 3

Quite Like Us

I've never seen or felt
A beauty quite like us
It's how we show it
Without showing it
The way we speak
Without using words
The way we know
When nothing is revealed
But it's in the way we feel

And I see the way they look at us
Like they know what we're not saying
Like they feel what we're not expressing
Like they hear the way our hearts beat
Even when we're fighting
In the quiet corners of ourselves
Where we keep it locked in
And tucked away
Never to be spoken
Never to be shared
And there's still never been
A beauty quite so sacred
A beauty
Quite like this us we're being

We can change the atmosphere
With a simple gaze
We can suck out all the air
With a change of mind
And we change it all back again
When we rest in the hearts
That beats like one
That tick together
On the second hand
Of a cosmic clock

I've never seen it written
A story quite like us
I've never breathed or lived 
A beauty quite like us
I've never touched or tasted
A beauty quite like us

- Kidest 2011

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