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I Got This!

Exactly what it's like right now in my reality bubble :) Just magisize everything ~


A red basket of fixtures in a corner and I'm "seeing red" = angry, fuming, rage, heated emotion... Follow that up with mention of the base chakra (color red) from someone, blue phase light vs. red light convo, and a red shirt gifted to me while I'm wearing a red shirt all in the same 24 hour period and I think...notice what you notice. Red. So what's here? A thrust of massive energy to be tapped into...fuel for the fire...symbolic ignite-r. It's never about what it appears to be about. Be expanded enough in your view to see the common thread weaving your scenes together. Read your moments like a story book...from a birds eye view. In this thread there is an invitation, an invitation to accept the power of the fire, the power of the flames and to let my creative forces become unleashed, fully, completely, wholly. To let the inner dragon out - for on its wings are the magick of alchemy and in its breath rest the power of fire. Red. It's

spiraling upward into infinity

The timing is what astounds me - like clockwork we unfold unknowingly on schedule. The right conversation, the perfect time, the perfect reflection and you're back into the fullness of Being Love. And then there it is - the echo of that shift looking back at you through eyes that beam at you like your favorite melody. You are remarkable.  And we are spiraling upward into infinity. What I call being IN being in that all-inclusive state of Self - living as the spacious field of Being that contains everything and everyone. So much of what we call "love" and "being in love" is incrusted with resistance, with separation, division - you can't hide behind walls of separation and other-ness and consciously take in the pervasiveness of Love. Put down your separation. Walk through every wall. Contain everything inside yourself. This is the tension-less state of ease you're made of. This is the Home of all homes. Love.


This movie playing out before never ceases to amaze me. On days like today when everything flows from one scene to the next with grace and ease, I seem to wake up a little more to the magick that weaves my worlds together. I feel at home in these moments awake to so many facets of this waking dream. I'm awake. I'm awake. I'm awake! Why do we forget and what makes us remember? What makes us forget and why do we remember?

All Ways Free

I am clearly a magickal sea nymph moon child. Clearly. I refer only to the ways the moon and the ocean move me! Put them together and wow. Wild forces. Wild! And I love 'em up because under the surface of all that they stir up, they point me to the boundless deep of a dark and loving silence where everything is dissolved into no-thing. Oh the wonder of all that we're under! What is caged by the waking dream and what is free of it all are here right now - it's all in where you put your attention.

What it's about...

It really isn't about making the best of anything, rather... it's about bringing the best version of yourself into it . It's when you fill up what "is" with all of yourself, with the fullness of your consciousness, that you grow and expand the field of your reality to contain more - and it's that expansion from the inside that translates as more expanded "desirable" moments.

You've Made Me Whole

you bring to life old forgotten songs inside my own mind and into my heart you roll forcing the light in your eyes to shine on the cracks I've hidden inside and now you've made me whole you stretch my bones to hold more love than i've ever held before my eyes met yours and lit the fire i willingly burn in now that i'm yours there is no space you've left unignited there's no corner inside of me in which you're uninvited breathe me consume me wear me out until all there is left of me is you and only you you bring to life everything i am inside your mind and into your heart i climb letting the light in your eyes burn through the walls i used to hide and now you've made me whole - Kidest 2011

The danger of a single story

I will make burning my aim

THE SHIP SUNK IN LOVE Should Love's heart rejoice unless I burn? For my heart is Love's dwelling. If You will burn Your house, burn it, Love! Who will say, 'It's not allowed'? Burn this house thoroughly! The lover's house improves with fire. From now on I will make burning my aim, for I am like the candle: burning only makes me brighter. Abandon sleep tonight; traverse fro one night the region of the sleepless. Look upon these lovers who have become distraught and like moths have died in union with the One Beloved. Look upon this ship of God's creatures and see how it is sunk in Love.

Quite Like Us

I've never seen or felt A beauty quite like us It's how we show it Without showing it The way we speak Without using words The way we know When nothing is revealed But it's in the way we feel And I see the way they look at us Like they know what we're not saying Like they feel what we're not expressing Like they hear the way our hearts beat Even when we're fighting In the quiet corners of ourselves Where we keep it locked in And tucked away Never to be spoken Never to be shared And there's still never been A beauty quite so sacred A beauty Quite like this us we're being We can change the atmosphere With a simple gaze We can suck out all the air With a change of mind And we change it all back again When we rest in the hearts That beats like one That tick together On the second hand Of a cosmic clock I've never seen it written A story quite like us I've never breathed or lived  A beauty quite like us I'v