Wednesday, August 24

the Goal, the Means, the Destination

Sometimes it's like living in two different universes...

Or maybe it's more like I've traveled in time, and then was the future and now is the past and I don't know how to get back those moments of certainty, where the magic was at its peak, where whole moments organized themselves to speak your name, to show me your face, to make you appear as the everything that you are to my being.


It was how everything around me wrote itself. Every step I took was lined with the light of your being, written with the magick of who we are. Every thought I thought, every feeling I felt, every thing that stirred within me was leading me, directing me, pulling me into recognizing, knowing, feeling, living your name.


Everything is different now, what felt to be something that absorbed me, that fought with me, that tangled and knotted me up in ways I didn't know were possible is gone. And I look for it. I look for it as though that was how loving was meant to be, as though the pruning was eternal.

And then I realize...this was where it was all leading me to.

Everything now offers me a deeper look inside, a continued chance to live...Love.

There's nothing else. This is leading into Love. That is leading me into more Love, into the deeper Universes of being what I Am.


It is the goal, the means, the destination, and every moment in between.

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