Wednesday, August 10

Full On Mastery

It makes no sense to go for anything but full on mastery.

That goal is the only thing that will reveal to you the dedicated creative fire that lives inside. Whatever you set your sight on, whatever you begin, when you make your goal, the outcome, MASTERY itself, something is unleashed inside.

Whatever I've taken on, that becomes my purpose. I'll try anything once, and if upon trying I like it, I'm staying in it until IT and I are completely one. Mastery is the full on integration of something into your being, the merging with it until you are that thing itself. When you are, you move and express the reality of that thing effortlessly within yourself because you've become it. You've become one.

Mastery is not dominance. Mastery is developing a seamless oneness between your self and the thing to be mastered.

My quest is the same in what ever I take on: what am I capable of accessing here and becoming? What am I capable of tapping into and bringing into life here?

It's there. Whatever power charges your moments, animates them, and makes them dance before you is there in every situation to come alive inside you to make YOU dance exquisitely amidst  the forms of clay, like you were a part of the painting.

Come alive. Be in it to MASTER it.


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