Saturday, July 9

More awake than EVER

I love this life and the way EVERYTHING in sight mirrors to me just how in the flow I am. As the days go on and the curtain keeps opening wider and wider, I'm awake to the power I have within me. Each moment serves as my platform to watch myself, to watch the inside and see what I'm making up and what I want to do with what I'm making up. I'm making up everything about everything right now - in a sense, there is no reality, there is only make believing!

It was different before - my platform was somewhat solitary - there weren't as many people in my life then as there are now. It was all theory before - being in-powered, being a love prophetess, being in my fullness. It was all theory and knowing without the actual opportunity to really practice and step into it. I had opportunities but they all seemed distant and delayed in a sense - it wasn't in my face, everyday human interaction, everyday human connection. I shift my own perception while in a conversation and there it goes, the whole world changes into something different. I remain centered in love, and every face that comes continuously for the next ten fifteen thirty minutes is beaming.

What I live is, once you've gone IN enough within yourself, you'll really get to see how every shred of every moment is a complete reflection of what you're keeping active within you. You go IN enough that what would typically be an unconscious current is suddenly in your awareness, it lifts itself right into your view and you go - OH HEY, that's not useful, and in that instant it all dissolves. And as it dissolves, the world around you reveals itself to have also peeled off some crusty layer to display a new shininess.

Every single moment is the newest it has ever been - but you can't see that if your looking glass is layered with the crust of your unconscious nonsense. And it's when you wake up to your eternal awakeness, when you wake up to the mind filters you are imposing on this fresh new Now, seeing everything in its simultaneous meaninglessness and meaningfulness, that your own seeing gifts you with something incredible.

Your own miraculous magical power.

Life is WOW.

Right Now.

In each moment you're either awake to that and living that or you're awake to your own unconscious melodrama.  Locked in your own mind you miss out on seeing, breathing, living, being the brilliant light spectrum of this moment.

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