Monday, July 18

Merging Now

Past couple of nights have been interesting - like I'm more charged up than usual - a friend said it could be the full moon but I typically remain in an easy rhythm throughout the lunar cycle. I also have a daily practice to release any and all charge from my system enough to keep things flowing and relaxed. It's what makes my moments as perfectly orchestrated as they are.

I find anytime it feels as though my focus is scattered, or I have a hard time locating myself fully in the moment, it's only because I'm some how disconnecting myself from the moment, from the what-is-ness of right now. Beautiful feelings and possibilities pull at my attention, the energy of moments past linger on, and my focus becomes frayed enough so that I become a little more physically unbalanced. It's subtle but I find it's in these moments that I bump into furniture or end up scratching and scuffing various parts of my body - a behavior to tell myself I'm not fully in my body anchored in the now.

I love self awareness and I love moments that are energetically so beautiful that some part of me stays to stare at them longer, to feel into them deeper, to love them a little fuller. And I love even more the ability to keep bringing myself into the Now, the feeling of being centered and being in full release of what was so I am spacious enough to welcome what is becoming.

I am grateful for what's energetically merging into the space all around me and within me. SO GRATEFUL for the magic that spell binds me and fills me.


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Cilla Moun said...

Yes, I agree...Funny, I hit my hand yesterday on my door knob and wondered why that occurred... I notice with what you have expressed that being fully present would have been a different experience. WOW! Learning is so fun.

Thank you for your insight sweet Kidest OM!~

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