Tuesday, July 19

Like A First Breath

"i've been stealing hearts
where i don't belong
i'm breathing hard
when you come on strong
the more i love
the less i know
...stealing hearts"
~ Silent Love Song (Jason/Raining Jane)

The song is not so silent after all.

I wonder what it is that creates the need to breathe deep. What is that? When you're in the energy of connection, whether with a beautiful someone or in meditation, it's like you NEED to let more air in and you NEED to let more air out.


Breathe again. I've been looking at this the past couple of days - as that's all I can do to keep myself from what feels like splitting at the atoms. There's just more energy buzzing through that it's stretching everything that is me. I focus on something in my world and suddenly I can't breathe deep enough - I can't breathe hard enough.

Why? What's happening physically, energetically, mentally? What's taking place atomically and anatomically?

I'm forever curious about the way we unfold - the more I awake, the more I want to know about the how's and why's of the way we are in every moment of every day.


In those moments, and I'm in one of them now, it's like I've never taken a real breath before until these deep breaths. Up until this energy, up until this connecting, up until this breathing I hadn't breathed before. It's as though what the stillness of meditation or what the energy of a connection with another births within us, is that first real breath of being alive.

I'm alive.

Breathing. Deep. Often.

Grateful for the Breath of Life ~

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