Friday, July 1

It's All Gone Down

It's like some brilliant artist
Out of some heavenly realm
took all the whispers of my heart
And carved them out as you

Beauty and light
Childlike delight
Laughter in the awareness
And magic in the timing
Of the way we move

Every angle and shade
Made to reflect
An easy perfection I can recognize
I so recognize it
It's what I breathe
When you come into view
It's what I feel
When you bring yourself closer
And make your way to stand
Right next to me
And walk on right beside me

And every moment
that our paths intersect
Weaving through the isles
Wearing uncontrollable smiles
We make believe
That we don't know
How it's all going down
How it's all gone down

Another me and another you
This me and this you
It's all gone down
Here and everywhere
In all conceivable realms
It's all already gone down

We go up
As it's going down
It's already gone down

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