Tuesday, July 5

Choosing the Effortless Path

I've been noticing that there are two ways in which things happen for me in my life. One where I run on the hamster wheel like there is no tomorrow and get or move into what I want to experience in minuscule increments. And the other, where I do nothing, absolutely nothing and find myself in the right spot, at the right time, talking to and connecting with the right people.

The first way is full of effort, and sweat, and carries a heavy sense of having to engage in some inner fight to get the outcome - and it rarely ever works out to a desired standard anyway.

The second way is full of a carefree flow - a 'whatever' attitude that co-mingles itself with some magical force that just picks you up and moves you around like a chess piece. In the not caring, in the not investing, in the 'whatever'-ness, in the letting go of attachment to any outcome, you flow into many an unexpected magic.

I no longer wish to make anything happen in my life. I no longer wish to MAKE something be a certain way. I quit. Completely. Volunteering myself for struggle and striving takes so much of my being away from appreciating, reveling in, and celebrating how I am where I am now. I like the second way better. It's more fun, full of miracles, full of beauty and mind boggling perfection.

I choose the effortless way.

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