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Breathing Love

It's not worth it to hold back It's not worth it to separate It's not worth it to hide It's not worth it to fear It's not worth it to shrink It's not worth it to defend It's not worth it to be anything other than fully vulnerable I'm awake to the subtle ways in which I had been undermining my capacity to feel and flow love. Creating something that is naturally true as 'too much work', creating the effortlessness of Oneness as something that needs mental input, moving from an inner dialogue of full blown love and appreciation to an inner dialogue of judgment and resistance in all its colors - there are so many ways we undermine our capacity to feel love, to be love, to breathe love. Resistance builds only when I'm not paying attention to what I'm REALLY saying inside myself. And that resistance turns into walls - thick invisible walls that I create and wrap all around me so no one can get in, and I can't extend myself beyond

Feel What You Won't

How come blue is the reference for sadness? Isn't it a higher frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum? Curious. I caught myself saying "I'm blue now" referencing a change in the color of the shirt I wear at work. And today I wrapped my arms around a lovely heart who had just finished wiping tears from her eyes. Sitting to write more pages in one of the books I'm working on, a co-worker's comment popped up in my head. Notice what catches your awareness. "So how come you've been so quiet lately? Are you okay?" He asked it with actual concern, like something was wrong. My initial and immediate response was: I'm good. I didn't realize I had been quiet lately - and as I flip through the moments of the past couple of weeks I notice...yeah I have been less of my flitter-bug-y self lately. I'm usually super happy to see people - my heart lights up, and I choose for it to light up for everyone. And yet lately there I was, a littl


some moments don't need words. like fire lit skies at sunset. you don't need words or verbal sentiments. the view so clearly speaks for itself. there are moments in the day like that. like laughter, looking at someone laugh and light up from the inside. that is one of my favorite views right now.

beautiful strangers

i love those moments that just seem so random i've had the most wonderful afternoon of love festing with a sweetheart. i'm headed home. i walk to my bus stop and have a seat. i'm half day dreaming and half enjoying the world all around me. this tall boy walks up to me. puts his arms in prayer pose and bows his head. namaste. i noticed i had one of my mala-bead bracelets on and wondered if that's why he greeted me in that way or if that was just the way he greeted all. he stat right next to me. bubbly. blue eyes. beautiful soul. and then he offered me an ipod charger. it  was hilarious. he carried on. and then asked me if i found muscle-y men attractive. i answered, 'no, i personally don't find the over-developed muscles thing attractive' he didn't seem satisfied with that. he said some more amusing things, said his goodbye and was on his way. i just sat there laughing. beautiful days ~

Life Lives & Life Dies

a customer at my work had these amazing tattoos on his arm - big dancing skeletons with mexican flare. he told me it signified día de los Muertos - day of the dead - and he was going to add more to that tattoo to create something memorable to remind him of his cousin. billions of beautiful species are birthed into being right now. and billions of beautiful species are dying in this very same breath. this is happening in unimaginable scales all around us. life exhales itself into life and life inhales itself into death in each moment. and what i often find myself feeling in moments when i observe human reaction to death are we so unaware of how much dying there is in each and every moment? how is it that we are shocked and startled by the death of one individual in our view, when death is happening in each and every second all around us? it's so strange how indifferent we are to the death of one form of life and in complete misery to the death of another form. when w


it's way more fun when you play with a model in which right contains left, and up contains down - everything is embedded in everything else. everything is contained in everything else - the whole in the one, and the one in the whole. i in you and you in me. he in he and she in she. that in this, and this in that. The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along. i love that rumi talked about holograms decades ago... welcome to my hologram/hologame ~

my motto

my motto is: dive deep into the fire of love - fearlessly leap into its blazing center. if it burns, it's only burning away all your delusions. whatever the outcome, you are cleansed and rebirthed in the fire. like a phoenix. you never lose for stepping into the flames. you only gain more of your Self.

Brightly Burning

It's wrapping up isn't it? I don't know anything I only know the energy Moments when I realize that no matter the situation facing me, the story, the moment, the expression...I'm standing there burning brightly. For you. And to be That...really is to live without being involved in anything other than the light within. The longing we sought, the journey we took, it all led us to leaving the world behind, with all the bridges burnt so we could never go back to it...not in the same way we left it. To be in the world and not of be standing amidst the noise and not hear it or see it, to simply be the light needed... That's all.

Like A First Breath

"i've been stealing hearts where i don't belong i'm breathing hard when you come on strong the more i love the less i know ...stealing hearts" ~ Silent Love Song (Jason/Raining Jane) The song is not so silent after all. I wonder what it is that creates the need to breathe deep. What is that? When you're in the energy of connection, whether with a beautiful someone or in meditation, it's like you NEED to let more air in and you NEED to let more air out. Breathe. Breathe again. I've been looking at this the past couple of days - as that's all I can do to keep myself from what feels like splitting at the atoms. There's just more energy buzzing through that it's stretching everything that is me. I focus on something in my world and suddenly I can't breathe deep enough - I can't breathe hard enough. Why? What's happening physically, energetically, mentally? What's taking place atomically and anatomically? I'

Merging Now

Past couple of nights have been interesting - like I'm more charged up than usual - a friend said it could be the full moon but I typically remain in an easy rhythm throughout the lunar cycle. I also have a daily practice to release any and all charge from my system enough to keep things flowing and relaxed. It's what makes my moments as perfectly orchestrated as they are. I find anytime it feels as though my focus is scattered, or I have a hard time locating myself fully in the moment, it's only because I'm some how disconnecting myself from the moment, from the what-is-ness of right now. Beautiful feelings and possibilities pull at my attention, the energy of moments past linger on, and my focus becomes frayed enough so that I become a little more physically unbalanced. It's subtle but I find it's in these moments that I bump into furniture or end up scratching and scuffing various parts of my body - a behavior to tell myself I'm not fully in my body anc

Constant Light

When God asks: can you be a continuous source of light in the world? I answer: yes papa love, I can! In my view...that's all we are here to do, be. Not to shrink and flicker and contract in response to the going on's of temporary patterns, fleeting appearances, but to remain steady, to leave the light within turned on, at all times, and in all directions. To be Or not to be A steady lighthouse That is the question. Be Love K.

Moon Beams and Orchids

Purple and white orchids Moon beams in goddess dreams It all comes together Like a neatly tied bow On a cosmic gift From the goddess of thunder Lightning strikes as our hearts ignite To live the words we write You are he and I am she King and Queen of a world made of rainbow streams Alive in the gladness Of being the light in the madness Awake to our oneness We are


I'm everything and more The whole world in my core A mirror of your light A secret kiss in the night Bigger than the dreams dreamt Wider than the feelings felt I'm the center of your heart Felt close when miles apart I am you and you are me We are one so can you see I'm all you've lived and more The whole world in your core  - Kidest

More awake than EVER

I love this life and the way EVERYTHING in sight mirrors to me just how in the flow I am. As the days go on and the curtain keeps opening wider and wider, I'm awake to the power I have within me. Each moment serves as my platform to watch myself, to watch the inside and see what I'm making up and what I want to do with what I'm making up. I'm making up everything about everything right now - in a sense, there is no reality, there is only make believing! It was different before - my platform was somewhat solitary - there weren't as many people in my life then as there are now. It was all theory before - being in-powered, being a love prophetess, being in my fullness. It was all theory and knowing without the actual opportunity to really practice and step into it. I had opportunities but they all seemed distant and delayed in a sense - it wasn't in my face, everyday human interaction, everyday human connection. I shift my own perception while in a conversation a

Hooked on Physics

Over the past few years I've had a growing interest in the science that sounds a whole lot like the ancient knowledge teachings of the far east. Physics. My brain warps and curves when I meddle in the concepts, and it feels good because I feel like I'm on the brink of seeing both sides of the equation - the observer side and the observed. And I know that with just a little more concentration, the concepts will become intuitive and second nature to my growing perspective. Life is as theoretical as it is physical. And I don't know what I'm talking about most of the time - it's really all that time but there are those times when I think I know and that just confuses the whole thing. I'd like to directly download into my mind the understandings of: Brian Greene, Lisa Randall, and Lee Smolin to start with. And then I'll re-install Walter Russel to get back to the meta in the physics. And somewhere in between all that, I have to remember to paint my

Choosing the Effortless Path

I've been noticing that there are two ways in which things happen for me in my life. One where I run on the hamster wheel like there is no tomorrow and get or move into what I want to experience in minuscule increments. And the other, where I do nothing, absolutely nothing and find myself in the right spot, at the right time, talking to and connecting with the right people. The first way is full of effort, and sweat, and carries a heavy sense of having to engage in some inner fight to get the outcome - and it rarely ever works out to a desired standard anyway. The second way is full of a carefree flow - a 'whatever' attitude that co-mingles itself with some magical force that just picks you up and moves you around like a chess piece. In the not caring, in the not investing, in the 'whatever'-ness, in the letting go of attachment to any outcome, you flow into many an unexpected magic. I no longer wish to make anything happen in my life. I no longer wish to MAK

I Like the Way

I like the way you come my way And I like the way you smile And I like the way you pretend To look straight ahead While looking right at me from the sides I like the way you move closer And I like the way you try When you come on by Every time you come on by I like the way you look at me When you make it obvious you're looking I like the way you play like a child Masking how deep you've gone within And I like the way you sound yourself And the way you pretend to hide What you know the way you know When you know all that you know I like the way we move together I like the way we come together I like the way we laugh together Each time we let ourselves come closer Every time we let ourselves come closer It's a conspiracy all around me To bring me closer to you It's an invisible strategy To let me feel you too I like the way you walk around And the way you stay by me I like the way you linger on Even when you make yourself leave I like the

It's All Gone Down

It's like some brilliant artist Out of some heavenly realm took all the whispers of my heart And carved them out as you Beauty and light Childlike delight Laughter in the awareness And magic in the timing Of the way we move Every angle and shade Made to reflect An easy perfection I can recognize I so recognize it It's what I breathe When you come into view It's what I feel When you bring yourself closer And make your way to stand Right next to me And walk on right beside me And every moment that our paths intersect Weaving through the isles Wearing uncontrollable smiles We make believe That we don't know How it's all going down How it's all gone down Another me and another you This me and this you It's all gone down Here and everywhere In all conceivable realms It's all already gone down We go up As it's going down It's already gone down