Sunday, June 5

I Am Stretched

I feel like I often start my blogs with "one of the most amazing..."

I was just about to do that again.

Stretching - that's what brings me to my type pad in my otherwise word filled day.

I started the day with reading one of the many books on my exploration journey, then had another amazing sharing with Erin Ross on Be Love Radio as we continued on with our Getting That You Matter series. I'm a total believer in her book on the topic which is due out sometime this year. Getting that we matter, getting that we have an impact in every moment because of how we're choosing to resonate and how we're choosing to occupy the space we take up both energetically and physically, really IS the starting point to living a conscious awakened life moment to moment.

When I do the shows, one of my goals is to stretch my capacity to listen and to stretch my capacity to allow something greater than myself to fill up the space of the show. I find most of the shows reach deep to elevate the very consciousness that we (both myself, the guest, and the listeners) collectively are. It's one of the most energizing experiences in my life.

More and more that is what I am stepping into everywhere I go - stretching my capacity to contain the moment and all that it holds. Stretching the very ideas that occur to me, the intentions, desires, dreams so that they can be more, so that they can manifest as more than my conceived mind allows. I find it's when I consciously step up to my capacity to stretch that miracles bubble on through to show me that there is always something more willing and ready to express and extend itself through me.

Rather than taking on the work of conceiving myself and containing myself in the smallness of my everyday mind and my everyday ideas, I am committed to letting the Universe, that which is Greater than me be what conceives this me and continuously surrendering to that.

I Am Stretched.

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