Wednesday, June 8

Fond of Castles

Some moments are more surreal than other's - it takes my brain more time to register all the beauty. In fact, I think my brain moves into a slow motion reel while switching itself to a high definition lens. I was spell blinded riding into what maybe my next amazing work space. All around was ancient green trees standing thick and tall. On all sides I looked out was the majesty of life speaking out and speaking loud.

And then the view turned into this...


This isn't even the whole picture. The property is located right by water and is home to gorgeous birds who are the perfect decorative marks adding to the beauty of the whole experience. The buildings themselves, castles that they actually are, have a rich history. One I happily listened to as my charming interviewers with the British accents showered me with the information. I exclaimed once again to their delight: SERIOUSLY?!!? I think they loved me.

Life really is majestic. It only makes sense that we all have castles to play in, in some shape or form.

Coincidentally, my high school looked like this:

There may very well be a theme I love running through my world. I do live in View Royal after all and just interviewed for a job at Royal Roads University.

Love is KING
Love is Queen

Moral of this story. We all belong in castles.

And that's all I'll be saying here.

"There are two ways to live life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstien

Dream the Life ~ Live the miracle! 
It's your birthright.

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