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Living Lightly

The more I wake up to the programs and from the programs we've made up the more I see, breathe, and feel the light in everything.

There is no weight in anything, it's all weightless.
There are no dark moments - it is all arising from and within the ocean of light that is our Being.

The rain is light, your tears are light, the night is light, your moments of forgetting are light.

What we divide in our own mind will appear divided to our eyes and in our life. When you wake yourself up from the illusion that there is anything other than the vibrant luminosity of creation here, in this moment, the light of your awakened recognition will dissolve the imaginary shadows you're creating with your own mind.

Wake right on up to your living Lighted Self.

Live lightly ~

Zero Waste Grocery Store

Thank you more please!

God Sends Me Angels

God sends me angels every where I go - they take on human form and stories and theatrics, but the gleam in their eyes and the love in their hearts always gives it way.

God sends me angels every where I go - they hug me when we first meet and love me in all the ways I need, and in those silent moments when our eyes meet, I know what I know.

God sends me angels every where I go.

Happily Ever Now

Playing out my mythology
On a stage
Built by Kings
Made for Queens

The dream is always bigger
than we conceive
Always brighter
than we believe

And the energy that swirls
Always peeling off the layers
Of the myths we keep ourselves
Hiding Under

Hero's and Heroine's
Warrior's and Fair Maidens
It's Happily Ever After
We're always after
When all we ever are
Is happily Here Now

I Heard It

I heard it happening when I was in the in-between state of sleeping and waking up. The shift, the recognition, the realization "wait, why have I been telling this story that this thing that I want is going to cost me that thing I love to do" and then "I can just as easily step into the recognition that the thing that I want most can enhance that thing that I love to do"...

It's amazing what happens when you let go of the very story that's been keeping you from experiencing the best of all worlds - you can have your cake and eat it too, 'cause whatever it is that you really want also really wants you - AND it is something that will add to your already amazing life and enhance it into even more than you imagined!

I love watching those limiting programs just fall away, and living the knowing that the sky has already become our possibility.

Love is having all that you've ever dreamed of and all that you never thought to ask show up on your door step.


BLESSed in BLISSings

I had the brightest of days yesterday - feeling so blessed for the ground I stood on and for the smiling love that was all around me in every direction. I love connecting. I love looking people in the eyes, seeing their smiling face right in front of me, exchanging words - mystery to mystery.

My heart felt so open that I was able to access even more love and "put down my separation" as Matthew Engelhart puts it, in all directions! No walls, no walls, no walls.

That was another amazing thing - getting to chat with Terces and Matthew on my radio show - you can catch the convo here ----> Awakening to a Higher Calling with Matthew & Terces Engelhart

The world is so beautiful - the magic so pervasive. I have so much to be grateful for. I am so much to experience. I have and am so much to love.

Thank you for where I am, who I am, and all that is with me. I am showered in the love of existence. I am saturated with gratitude for being where I get to be, being who I get to be,…


I'm raising $400 for my radio show Be Love Radio so that I can upgrade the account to host longer shows and have more call-in lines available to listeners.

After some conversations, I can always tell that there's more to go after 30 minutes, that way more energy and expansiveness is at the door waiting to flow in. And I creating the space for that.

I'm excited to watch BLR unfold. It's been an incredible thing so far - the conversations have been so full of upliftment, inspiration, and empowerment that I choose to bring more of that into the world.

Here's to the magic of giving and receiving!


Emptying out completely is like giving the mind a radical face-lift - peeling off all the layers of concepts and knowing's you've accumulated as you play in linear time to leave a transparent noggin' of complete unknowing.

I don't know what anything is. No before. No after. No me. No you. Nothing being what you think it is. Nothing happening in any direction.

Empty. Empty. Empty.

I'm ruthless in my letting go, fearless in my surrender to the void within. Diving deep and giving it all up.

What you see through the emptiness of mind is beyond what the word 'mystery' can contain.

It's garbage day today.

Never Had to Wait

I never had to wait
The lines had all been set
The words already spoken
In black lines on white fields
The picture ever so clear
Not such a mystery here
I never had to wait
For anything
Not for anything

Nothing was in the way
The path so wide and open
Arms ready to embrace
What came from miles
Wrapped in the heart of Grace
I never had to wait
For what was written to be mine
Before land and before time
I never had to wait
For anyone
Not for anyone

It's so easy
When you live it and you see
When it's in the air you breathe
No you never had to wait
Not for anything
Not for me


Things I did today:

First the cheesecake

Then the topping

Then put it together...

And then tossed together my favorite korean dish - at least my version of it anyway without the fishcakes - Dukboki

My neighbor who is originally from Greece spoke a few Amharic words to me today (ethiopian). She knew how to say THANK YOU, and WHY. She was so lovely - first introducing herself as I fumbled out back trying to get my dogs toy, in my house shoes and socks, up a hill - it wasn't graceful. Then telling me her name and asking me where I'm from. And then she threw words out at me - I love it when people do that. I then agreed to give her a cooking lesson for an ethiopian dish she likes - since I've got all the ingredients and all...right here next door.

I love my world.

And now it's time to enjoy today's baking fest result - the kitchen in my house is going to be where it's at. YES! ;)

There is only Now

Attached to your own biases of this waking wilderness
Attached to your own filters of misconceptions
Attached to the illusion of time
And the fabrication of a story
You'll never see things clearly

What you see before you
Will always be yourself
What you have seen before you
Has always been yourself

For there never is a 'them' out there
Only the 'them' you construct in your own mind

When you can see that you are forever projecting
Your own images and limitations on what you perceive as 'other'
Then you will be able to see this 'other'
As your Self

And only then do you know what Love really is.

Love never separates
Or fails to recognize
The light that is in everything
And as everything.

Be Still
Be Love

Fond of Castles

Some moments are more surreal than other's - it takes my brain more time to register all the beauty. In fact, I think my brain moves into a slow motion reel while switching itself to a high definition lens. I was spell blinded riding into what maybe my next amazing work space. All around was ancient green trees standing thick and tall. On all sides I looked out was the majesty of life speaking out and speaking loud.

And then the view turned into this...


This isn't even the whole picture. The property is located right by water and is home to gorgeous birds who are the perfect decorative marks adding to the beauty of the whole experience. The buildings themselves, castles that they actually are, have a rich history. One I happily listened to as my charming interviewers with the British accents showered me with the information. I exclaimed once again to their delight: SERIOUSLY?!!? I think they loved me.

Life really is majestic. It only makes sense that we all hav…

It's all my community!

The planet is my community.

INspired by everyone coming into view.

This guy is on vancouver island - my appreciation for human beings just grew that much more.‎"The only thing between a dream and a reality is fear."

I Am Stretched

I feel like I often start my blogs with "one of the most amazing..."

I was just about to do that again.

Stretching - that's what brings me to my type pad in my otherwise word filled day.

I started the day with reading one of the many books on my exploration journey, then had another amazing sharing with Erin Ross on Be Love Radio as we continued on with our Getting That You Matter series. I'm a total believer in her book on the topic which is due out sometime this year. Getting that we matter, getting that we have an impact in every moment because of how we're choosing to resonate and how we're choosing to occupy the space we take up both energetically and physically, really IS the starting point to living a conscious awakened life moment to moment.

When I do the shows, one of my goals is to stretch my capacity to listen and to stretch my capacity to allow something greater than myself to fill up the space of the show. I find most of the shows reach deep to …

On the Philosophy of Total Rad-ness!!!

I've been walking around my house, proudly announcing almost everyday that my various planted things are growing.

I think anytime you end up doing something you didn't know you could, you can't help but want to shout it out a little here and there - to make sure that there are other witnesses to your newly discovered genius.

A few months ago, being a garden grower on any level would not have been on the list of my I Am statements - and I have plenty of those. I am a woman, I am a coach, I am a writer, I am an inspirer, I am a radio show host, I am a friend, I am a dog owner, I am canadian, I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am employed, I am I am I am.

Now I can add, I AM A GARDENER.

It's been such a rad experience - to go from not thinking of doing it, to just doing it, and to it coming out perfectly. I planted lettuce, sage, basil, chives, mint (I love fresh mint tea), and rosemary - all from seed and all of them are breaking through the soil peek-a-boo-ing a happy he…

In Dreams

"Love is a Stranger"~ Rumi ~ Heart came on solid footing with breath refined to warn the best of communities. Heart placed your head like a pen on the page of love.
We are joyous pennants in your just wind. Master, to where do you dance?
Toward the land of liberation, toward the plain of non-existence.
Master, tell us which non-existence you mean. The ear of eternity knows the letter of eternity.
Love is a stranger with a strange language, like an Arab in Persia. I have brought a story; it is strange, like the one that tells it. Listen to your servant.
Joseph's face enlightened the well in which he was suspended. His imprisonment became a palace with orchards and meadows, a paradise, a royal hall, and a chamber of sanctity.
Just as you toss a stone into the water, the water at that very moment parts to receive it. Just as a cloudy night is dispelled by a clear dawn, from his humiliation and loss he views high heaven.
Reason do not envy my mouth. God witnesses the blessings. Through the tree dri…

Good Night, Great Nights

often the most profound thing to do is be silent and take it all in